cytexone wrote:

Hello Everyone,

First off this Mod is awesome... Second, does anyone know how to disable the mod from automatically marking topics as read after the user timeout has occurred, in addition if the user logs off we don't want the topics marked as read?  I only want it to mark the topic as read if they actually reads the topic.

Thanks so much


Yea, I also have a problem with that hmm

ya neither that code nor the original works at preventing users under a certain amount of posts in.


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ah ha! thank you.


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How can I change how long a user has to wait before they can post again? Its default at 60 seconds and thats a little long to me.

$forum_ids = array(1,2,3,4,8,9);
if ($pun_user['num_posts'] < 50)
message($lang_common['No view']);

so like that?

seva wrote:

Oooh, sorry, of coz:
In viewforum.php:

if ($id == n)
if ($pun_user['num_posts'] < 50)
message($lang_common['No view']);

where n - your private forum id

And in viewtopic.php after
$cur_topic = $db->fetch_assoc($result);
$forum_id = $cur_topic['forum_id'];

if ($forum_id == n)
if ($pun_user['num_posts'] < 50)
message($lang_common['No view']);

with this, could you do

if ($id == 1,2,3,4,8,9)

? Not specifically those, but can you make this affect multiple forums like that?
Also, the code for viewforum.php, does this need to go in a specific place or overwrite a specific piece of code? I dont think it does, but would like to make sure.

beautiful thank you.

Im sure this has been requested, but Id like to request it anyway. Any kind of mod that will make certain forums off-limits to people with under a certain amount of posts?

I would like this coded:

please email me if interested, as I dont check here often.


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that could do it, but I want it to check if the user has read the thread yet. If so, the Announcement Box doesnt show up, or doesnt show the message. If they havent read it yet, then it displays the message.


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hcgtv wrote:

1.3 is a big change to PunBB, I'd give Rickard and Paul all the time they need.

This is Open Source, as in we are all volunteers working in our spare time.

Of course we could all take up a collection and pay Rickard to take a month off to work on Pun wink

Shit... I would donate.


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Im wondering if someone could make (or direct me to, if its been made already) something where an admin specifiy a post as "Important" and then when a user comes onto the forums (or refreshes or whatever) they will be redirected to the post/forum or if not redirected then they will get a small javascript popup that tells them theres a new important message and has a link to the post.

Connorhd wrote:

There are lots of discussions on this, and the anwser is in PunBB 1.3:
Users will NOT be able to join multiple groups
Multiple user groups will be able to be moderators or not

If you want to find out why then find the other threads about it.

that doesnt really answer the request for not having to set a user to mod each forum even if they are set as a moderator.

Any chance of a re-make?

It would be nice if we could put a user in multiple user groups.

Also, it would be really nice if we could set a GROUP to be able to moderate, and not have to add each person as a mod for each forum, just be able to add the group as a moderator of the forum.

Connor, can you reupload this? Id really like to use it.

hey! Thats pretty cool!

I believe what you mean is (like in PHPBB) you would like to make it so people can enter a forum, and see the topics, but not enter the threads in the forum, right? I would like that also


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In my opinion, thats not a really good request. Not exactly bad, but... I mean, thats your fault.