Notch, could you post the page source that is being generated. Just the problem part. I can't see your forums from your main site anymore. From the Civil War link I get a nothing page.

Paul wrote:

That would still be invalid wouldn't it but only because of the nesting of the <p> and <h2> tags. It would solve the unquoted href problem.

Since you explained a few posts back about the problems with having h2 in the p I didn't think it nessary to rehash the details. I just wanted to offer a hand with the unquoted href. smile


Notch wrote:
echo "<p class=\"newstitle\"><b><a href=".$pun_config['o_base_url']."/viewtopic.php?id=".$cur_topic['id'].">$subject_truncated</a></b></p> \n";

returns this in the source view (hence what the validator sees):

<p class="newstitle"><b><a href=>Plantation Workers Accidentally Plow Civil War-Era Cemetery</a></b></p>

and obviously the lack of quotes (") enclosing the URL.

Any thoughts?

You are talking about this hunk from your first post correct...

  echo "<p class=\"newstitle\"><h2><b><a href=".$pun_config['o_base_url']."/viewtopic.php?id=".$cur_topic['id'].">$subject_truncated</a></b></h2></p> \n";

Why not just change it to...

  echo '<p class="newstitle"><h2><b><a href="'.$pun_config['o_base_url'].'/viewtopic.php?id='.$cur_topic['id'].'">'.$subject_truncated."</a></b></h2></p> \n";


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Paul wrote:

Thanks for that. Update installed without pain.

Since you were the one that pointed X-Ray out to me I guess I'm just returning the favor. wink

It appears that it is properly checking for updates now as well. The last version didn't do that for me. It always reported a failure when I'd force a search for updates.

Anyhow, your welcome Paul. Glad someone found this useful. I give the Author, Stuart Robertson, credit for promptly notifying those that posted the problem in the blog. A free useful product, AND customer service. Ya gotta love it...



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CableGuy wrote:

Hopefully the follow up here will be soon. I miss this one already...

I just got an email and this one has been updated for FF
FF X-Ray Update



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FredrikK wrote:

A new one that I felt we needed:

Sweet FredrikK, thanks. I have a request for one.

Shrug, shoulders rolled with a look of dismay. For those users you just are at a loss of words for...
Just a thought.



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BugHunter wrote:

Only the current version does not run on firefox

Hopefully the follow up here will be soon. I miss this one already...


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ranchnachos wrote:

Linux 2.6.9-22.0.2.ELsmp #1 SMP Tue Jan 17 06:12:06 CST 2006 x86_64

My apologies. I gave you bum info with the phpinfo section. I looked quickly and was incorrect, too much football (and the rest) I guess.



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ranchnachos wrote:

Actually, i have no idea.  I assume it is correct because I'm also running a phpBB forum(on the same server) with a tons of members for a WoW Guild and do _NOT_ have any problems at all with register dates.

Just for reference as well.. this is not locally hosted. It's hosted on -- I did email them after recently having this problem and their in Mountain Standard Time(-7). 

Just for good measure though, how can I go about seeing if my server time is set correct?

Admin Options/Options/Server Timezone for the punBB setting
Admin Options/Index -- my info -- top block -system ( php_info() )



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latheesan wrote:

Buts thats not right. This is a corupt in the GPL licencing system. I just dun get it.

I don't think the licence is the part to attach the "corupt" to in this case...

latheesan wrote:

Why should someone resell my script without my permission? isnt that piracy?

How about all the punBB code you are using (or relying on). How much did you pay for that?

As has been pointed out here and at punres you can't take GPL'd code and unGPL it. That is what you are suggesting.  Read the comments in the APM_Example plugin. It is described in there quite nicely.

AMP_Example.php wrote:
##  6. Since plugin scripts are included from the PunBB script
##     admin_loader.php, you have access to all PunBB functions and
##     global variables (e.g. $db, $pun_config, $pun_user etc).
##  7. Do your best to keep the look and feel of your plugins' user
##     interface similar to the rest of the admin scripts. Feel free to
##     borrow markup and code from the admin scripts to use in your
##     plugins. If you create your own styles they need to be added to
##     the "base_admin" style sheet.
##  8. Plugins must be released under the GNU General Public License or
##     a GPL compatible license. Copy the GPL preamble at the top of
##     this file into your plugin script and alter the copyright notice
##     to refrect the author of the plugin (i.e. you).

Perhaps that clears things up a little? From what you have said I don't think you are making a plugin but a list of someone else's code to change (or more likely, the file with the changes already made) that reflects your modifications. Did you read the GPL stuff at the top of that file?  Every one that I have seen has the GPL notice in it.

Or perhaps I just don't understand the problem, wouldn't be the first time...



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My drivers licence picture. smile


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Instead of setting to GMT I want to move from PST (server location) to EST +3.

    // Manual Adjustment of Guest timezone from current PST to EST.
    // CHANGE if server location changes
    $pun_user['timezone'] = $pun_config['o_server_timezone'] +3;

I appreciate the tip.

From the Admin Menu set the Guest usergroup to not be able to read the forum.  You also need to do this with the default usergroup.  Then you can change their group to something that can read the forums by hand.


Very nice CodeXP. Thank you. I think though, that I would prefer to restrict its use to a particular area of my site.  Perhaps a directory with files NOT capable of breaking pun. smile

I don't know if this is effective or not but it "SEEMS" to work for me.

// Let's configure what directory we'll be working with initially
$curdir = './files';

I really think you have done an excellent job with the AP interface.  It's easy and intuitive to use.


A question that I've seen get asked from time to time.

Posting, BBCode, & Smilies:
How can I stop my smilies from being resized in the post editor?

It is in one of the other linked threads but is 50 or so posts deep.  There is another reference to this on the punRes wiki but it refers to /include/parser.php

Just my 2 cents.



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Check out the Smilie section of the pogenwurst FAQ.
How do I ?..

Thank to FredrikK for the excellent smilie collection!



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In Admin/Options you can deselect the checkbox that makes this happen... [shrug /]

Don't need that much. smile  I just wanted to make sure I hadn't changed anything locally.  The post form will allow for 70 chars subject but, as you see, with no spaces to break at this could be a problem especially if it is all uppers (and your board allows for all uppers) as posted.

I'm just handling it very simply for now and cutting the subject to 25 or 35 chars and appending '...' to keep it from breaking my layout.


test long subjects

Thanks for the pointers.  My version...

/* picked up from posted by connerHD */
  margin-top: 5px;
  margin-bottom: 5px;
  padding: 2px;
  background-color: #99cccc;
  border-top: 1px solid #009999;
  border-bottom: 1px solid #009999;
  text-align: left;

span.pagelink strong
  border-left: 1px solid #ccffff;
  border-right: 1px solid #ccffff;


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addicted68098 wrote:

I want to know how to add a custom header to the site.

I had a feeling I missed the mark with the background, oh well.  The link in my reply shows the technique to change the header.  I'm still playing with mine to match it up with what I have but I am using something like...

/* 1.1a Header mods */

/* header logo */
#brdtitle H1
  /* your logo and position */
  background-image: url(../../img/your_logo.png); /* point at the image to use */
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-position: left; /* you set your logo position here */
  background-color: #339999;
  text-align: right;
/*header title*/
#brdtitle H1 span
  /* your font style */
  font-size: 20px; /* title size */
  font-family: georgia, sans-serif;
  text-decoration: underline; /* decoration: none, overline */


Very nice work NeoTall, thanks for the effort!  One thing I would like to see would be the subforum parent to display when there is a new post in one of the subforums.


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For the matching header question, try this out and see if it helps.

As for the background question, just change the color in your style/imports/name_cs.css file.  It will be near the top and duly labled, erm, background. smile



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As much as I hate for my first post here to be a "jump in the middle of the frying pan" here it goes anyhow. smile

I'm a Moderator at a VBulletin forum.  I really love the thing.  It works well for a large group and handles durn' near everything that the user base seems to want.  But it's closed, not open like punBB.

Granted, I've only just started moding my own punBB setup.  What I have found though, is that with some effort, you can get something very close to the fuctionality of VB, and GPL'ed to boot.  There is a very active base of developer/users here (and at for extending the core engine.  Granted, you may need to jump through some hoops, but that is the fun of it all isn't it?

As far as the VB price.  I actually think the lifetieme price is kind of reasonable. Not too far off from a few college level textbooks really.  The problem is that it is not a GPL product and therefore not extendable to the community at large.  punBB is by design open to all and therefore exibits the growth that I have read about in the forums here since the 1.1.x days.  Since I am jumping on the bandwagon at the relatively stable 1.2.10 stage I guess I may be missing some of the pain, but since I am jumping in at this point I don't really care about all those trials and tribulations (damn, why don't you have the spellchecker that Smartys describes so well in the wiki set up here) many have had to go through.  All I really care about is that we seem to have access to a very excellent BASE product that is FREE (oh so free) to do with as we please.

Speaking on the light aspect, I am also involved with the group that believes in providing a SOLID core and letting the end user beat the crap out of it in any way they see fit.  Sounds like the mentality with the core developers here.

Thanks for the great product.  I look forward to using it to improve the integation on my site as the future becomes, well, the future.

I guess I just want to weigh in on the fact that if you are willing to MOD it, you can have the excess you need.  If you want Fast and Light, you get it out of the box.  It doesn't seem to be a real point to argue about, just a personal preference as to where you want to go with it...

Cheers All,