Connorhd wrote:

Allows you to create the same topic in multiple forums (for rules annoucments etc)

the usual, any comments, suggestions here wink

Update: added management functions


still work for version 1.3 ?

Please help me

Can we make one topics inserted into more than one subforum ?

for example : the topics " how to apply soccer player  in London "

can we  insert  the topic into two subforum ?

1. [nonactive]
2. [nonactive]

can we make it sticky post in London subforum but make the topics becone not sticky in subforum Soccer ?
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flx wrote:

i want to release my first mod to the community.
Search Engines like Google don't like URLs like:
With my mod the URLs look like:

saadulla89 wrote:

Where is the Mod?

Profiles are flx-vp123.php

To avoid duplicate content lots of things are disallowed in robots.txt.

You can see this mod in action on (german)
robots.txt is here.

Installation will probably take ~5 minutes.

It will be released tomorrow.

I'd like some feedback wink


i think i prefer dynamic url

I  want  to integrate punbb with social networking


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I think you to hire a programmer ... neutral
what is your jcow url .. I also have jcow website .. otherwise you can buy jcow forum modul