Great work! We hope to continue.

Fix №1 Thanx d-linux.

Fix №2
Find in scripts.js (extension pun_quote) this lines

[quote=' + pun_quote_authors[qid_param] + ']

and replaced

[quote=\"' + pun_quote_authors[qid_param] + '\"]

Leans back in his chair and smoke bamboo. smile

I think that few people have experienced this, but this is the place to be. If a member has a name square brackets, when quoting his message is "break".


[XX] MyName wrote:

Some text

And if enclosed in double quotes, all work out correctly:

[XX] MyName wrote:

Some text

But the most interesting, when you click on "reply", the forum engine itself inserts single quotes, and when you quoted, he did nothing sticks. Here's a noodle.