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Hi all.
I'm using pun bb 1.3.5 and it's grate.
But i'm having also problems with smtp server and gmail, ca can you help me waht to do, it displaying me always contact forum administrator with code...
Please fast fast fast! responss!

Hi coleagues, i'm also programmer, so the problems are:

What i nead to sett as smtp server, because i've set smtp.gmail.com and it dont want to work.
Also i'm using 1.3.5 version of pun bb with hotfixes and 8 official extensions and it's really grate, but there are some mistakes,

  • forum description can't be set

  • also there are always tipos you written most of texts combining capital and lowercase letters without spaces.
    correct: I'm a programmer
    you written: I'mAProgrammer

  • i'd really want to see one extension that allows invite, but which will not disallow to user join without invite

  • please, add stop bots captcha while sending email message via the forum!