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Is it possible to restrict the "Thanks" in certain Forums/subforums and still have it enabled in others ?
Like here, is it possible to be abble to say "thanks" in PunBB 1.4 section but not in PunBB 1.3 section ?


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"The following users want to thank for this post: user1, user2, user3" or "The following users says thank you:user1, user2" I don't know the name of this one, hope you can help me guys...


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Hi there, i would use google if only i knew what to search for... but i have no idea how this thing is called on English so e figured i could ask here, and i hope you would be able to help me.
My Q is, is this thing possible on PunBB:

You press the arrow and the section hides, can you do this on this platform ?

Thank you all for reading this and possible answering smile