that's because Gary hasn't had the url for a good while now wink


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I'm running PunBB on a server and I have some images I want to randomise in my sig. No problem you might say. Thing is, they're hosted on photobucket and I really am too lazy to copy them all across. So could someone perhaps make a script that I could upload on my server to call a random image from my photobucket account? The URL for my account is and the version used for the images is or at least that's what it gives me for static image linking.

My server supports PHP and Perl/CGI-BIN. Any help greatly appreciated.

Is there a translation for this? I set up a forum that has users in the Czech Republic, and easy poll 1.1.3 is being added. Can anyone offer a Czech language pack? Or will I need to translate the English one myself?


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I made ot because I have quite a widespread family (multiple countries), and I thought we should all have some way of keeping in touch.

I'm surprised I was able to get that subdomain.

NOTE: It runs the Frontpage mod, so it won't open up on the forum.


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It could just be server slowdown you know, did it go faster before?

Errm, maybe the meta tags aren't in place (check your main.tpl file).

Never miond, I changed the server again, it works now.

Ok, I'm now trying a different host (Tripod). install.php shows some of what it should, but there is a lot of raw code around as well sad

I have a free account there, so I should try a different host then? That's what I'll do....

This is the URL for my installation php file, but look at it - raw HTML everywhere. I can't set up my punbb forum :'( Help please!