What's new in Calendar 2.0.7
Now everything is translated by the languages files.

The Calendar settings now include the option: Show listbox Topics/Events.
If set to yes this option will alow everyone to switch between Topics & Events.

Events make now use of BBcodes.

Changed navigation menu's to include week

Made some improvements to weekview and mini-calendars.

Fixed a number of small bugs
- When the week start with Monday
- When changing year
- Events display in weekview when the week is displayed over two months

Added a css items for event and birthday.
When used both will be displayed in the main calender.
The mini calendars will only display current day and the events.

language files
// US = (month dayfull year) else (day month year)
'Date_format'  =>  'US',   

// Days of week name for week mini calendar
// Now you can give every single day the character you want.

// Moved the hard coded 's to the language file, because not all languages
// use the format name's
'Birthday'      =>      '\'s Bday',
'go'            =>      ' Go ',          // Submit button
'current_week'  =>      'Current Week',

// Nav links for navagation
'Last Week'     =>      'Last week',
'Next Week'     =>      'Next week',

In the directory "Calendar-2.0.7\doc\" is the file profile.php present. This is a PunBB version 1.2.10 file with only the calendar mod as changes. If you use PunBB version 1.2.10 you can use it, and skip the profile mods in the readme or upgrade_readme textfile.

Add new events:
When you don't enter a year value the event will be added to the current year.

Known problems:
- There a nummer of new words in the language file.
While i did update the known language files, I did not take the time to look for the correct translation.
So if someone could fix this and post or email me the correct language file i will make sure they are put in the next version.

- For the people that upgrade from an older calendar mod. The Events are now displayed using BBcodes. Because of this you don't get newlines untill you resaved the old event.

Old bugs, not fixed in this release:
- the calendar use only the server time and does not use the profile timezone from the user.

I got one request to add a duration field for events.
Are there more people that would like to have this functionality?


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Looks like a really usefull tool.
Only the current version does not run on firefox 
So I will have to wait hmm


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Looks like they are willing to change things, but I won't say its awesome just now.
For that they need to replace the logo image with their own and add a link to the main website in the menu.


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If you really like this uTorrent forum, someone should take the time and explain to the webmaster how easy it is with the PunBB admin options to create a link back to the main site.

It's something i missed.


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hcgtv wrote:


On the ganked forums, I would lighten up the text a bit, it's a little hard to read.

I second that. On a TFT it is almost impossible.

Fix: Replace  Gizzmo's Code in profile.php

<!-- Start of Gizzmo's Code -->
<!-- justgiz@justgizzmo.com -->
<label><?php echo $lang_profile['Birthday'] ?></label>


<?list($bday_year,$bday_month,$bday_day) = explode('-', $user['birthday']);?>

    <select name="bday_month">

    <option value="0" <?
    require PUN_ROOT.'lang/'.$pun_user['language'].'/calendar.php';
    if(empty($bday_month)&& $bday_month="0")echo 'selected';
    echo '>'.$lang_calendar['Month'].'</option>';


    $month_name = array('',$lang_calendar['January'],$lang_calendar['February'],$lang_calendar['March'],$lang_calendar['April'],$lang_calendar['May'],$lang_calendar['June'],$lang_calendar['July'],$lang_calendar['August'],$lang_calendar['September'],$lang_calendar['October'],$lang_calendar['November'],$lang_calendar['December']);



        $s = ($bday_month == $x)? " selected": "";

        echo"\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<option value='".$x."'".$s.">".$month_name[$x]."</option>\n";


        echo"\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<select name=\"bday_day\">\n";
        echo"\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<option value=\"0\"";                            

    if(empty($bday_day)&& $bday_day="0")echo 'selected';
                                    echo '>'. $lang_calendar['Day'].'</option>';



        $s = ($bday_day == $x)? " selected": "";

        echo"\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<option value='".$x."'".$s.">".$x."</option>\n";


        echo "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<select name=\"bday_year\">\n";
        echo "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<option value=\"0\"";                            

        if(empty($bday_year)&& $bday_year="0")echo 'selected';
        echo '>'. $lang_calendar['Year'] .'</option>\n';

    for($x=date("Y")-10; $x>date("Y")-50; $x--)


        $s = ($bday_year == $x)? " selected": "";

        echo"\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<option value='".$x."'".$s.">".$x."</option>\n";





<!-- End of Gizzmo's Code-->

There are some more bugs but Gizzmo want to wait till PunBB 1.3


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I will forward your praises. The logo was made by Alies Meerman, aka MournSong of WindShaper's Holt. She is a very talented and prolific artist who has interests in both EQ and role-playing kender. Alies believes in keeping artwork unique to a page, so please do not upload to or use any of her pictures on other sites without her permission.

She does also artwork on commission.

I have placed a background on this forum, think it fits GreenPun
You like it or is it too fussy?

The background is made by Anne.
We are free to use them on personal pages BUT you must provide
a link or acknowledgement to www.packrat-pro.com.


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Hoi Fredrikk,

They come with the GreenPun style and are easy to change.
Take a look at the Windshaper's Holt site.
Show off: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=10181


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Wow, nice.
I will use them and replace some i found elsewhere.

My thanks to you and your friends.


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Hello everyone,
Thought it was time I showed a forum of my own.

Here is the Windshaper?s Holt forum, that I made for an Elfquest fan club.

Easy BBcode

Modified GreenPun
* Made it smaller (762) to make room for the scrollbar.
* Made the class "byuser" italic
* Changed the header to include an image
* Replaced the status icons with my own

Modified Calendar
* Gave events its own colour and let them be shown in the mini calendars
* Made some small bug fixes (mostly in the weekview)


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Nano is popular, but I like websites a bit wider.


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You get a horizontal scrollbar on your site in IE and Firefox because you did not leave any space for the vertical scrollbar. Otherwise it looks good.

Color scheme

I'll be sure to do so smile Any problems with the color scheme? Was worried that it perhaps might get a little to bright for some...

The colors work well together. They are soft and don't hurt my eyes.
I would use it for a site that targets girls or for a special group like neopet gamers.


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Interesting trick you did with menu index and forum. cool
It gave me some new and useful ideas.

Could you tell more about how you build the index page?
Did you use a mod?


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Hoi Kevin,

I agree with StevenBullen on the 'small' problem with your font sizes in IE v6. With Firefox it's Oke.
You could get an even beter integration, if you changed the green color to one of the following colors.

From dark to light: 48A500, 51AD00, 4CA900, 8EE400

I got them from your header image.


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?? I run version 1.2.10 and I do have the same problem.

It does not seem to be a big problem. The essential is that you have the selected language.
I think it's just alphabetical order. If you do not want to have this, juste delete english language.

A lot of my members know only the English language. When they change their profile and forget to set the language field again they are getting the Dutch language.

Will check if I am setback by a mod.