When I install the video mod, I can no longer see replies to the first post...I only see how many total posts there are (ie 'Posts [ 5 ]').  If I disable it, then I can see them again.

Not sure if this is coded into the core of PunBB, or if it's something you can put in your extension...
If you've deleted several posts in a forum, say 'Trash Can' then they all show up under 'Deleted Posts Log'.  And you then go to Start -> Forums and delete the Forum 'Trash Can'.  Then all the Posts are now gone from 'Deleted Posts Log'.


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Is it possible to have the side bars continuous throughout other pages as well...instead of just on the index?  maybe optional?

Also, If a topic is moved in the news forum, and a link is left behind then the link shows on the index, but then goes to a bad link.  My suggestion would be if the topic is moved, or is a link, then it shouldn't show on the index.


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Great Extension. 2 problems with Recent Posts.  Users can see links to topics they don't have read access to.  Also, if censoring is enabled the hyperlink should be censored in Recent topics.


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tdubya wrote:

Thanks for the reply, but what does this software do please ?

Does it create a server like environment on a pc or something ?



Exactly.  Then just install punBB in the htdocs folder

I know you're not wanting to modify your current code but Could you give me some help on how to grab the image on upload? I'm going to use some existing code to create a thumbnail of the attachment...and then I will be able to put the img thumb in the post.  I've done what little php I know, but couldn't get it to work.  I had my script generating the thumbnail, but the image was blank. I don't think I was grabbing the uploaded image part correctly; I'm not familar with the way your script creates all the directories and naming convention.

This would be helpful, since i've modded your script slightly so that multiple images can be uploaded at once.  There can be up to 10 image in one post, and if users could see the thumb first then they would know whether they wanted to see the fullsize image or not.


To clarify, I want the censorship to be in effect for all forums except 2. The 2 additional forums are only viewable to a certain group.  For these 2 forums I want to find where in parser.php or functions.php (or whereever needed) that I can put an if statement to see if it's forum 25 or 26 then don't do the censorship function.  I've tried all the places I thought, but none of my changes worked.

I have created 2 forums that I want to keep all the vulgar language contained to.  How would I go about disabling the censorship for these 2 forums?  Thanks

minis wrote:

ok, now ir works. but how disable geust from posting?

Look in Links.php

<a href="?action=new" style="float:right"><?php echo $lang_links["Submit_New"] ?></a>

Replace with

        if (!$pun_user['is_guest'])
        <a href="?action=new" style="float:right"><?php echo $lang_links["Submit_New"] ?></a>


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I'm looking for a way for users to have a section under their profile, or perhaps a seperate page so they can upload all their own personal files (images, videos,etc.). Will be kind of like a private gallery that they can allow or disallow other members to view.  It would also be nice if they had the path listed under the files for the link if they wanted to post it in the forum somewhere.  Does anything like this already exist, or would someone be willing to create this.  big_smile


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Can you share what you did?

I'm interested in having the ability to make a forum link show up on the forum page, but when clicked inform the guest they are not in the required group to read this forum.  I'm interested in this, because my site has a few forums that only a special group can see, but other people to the site don't even know the additional forums exists.  I don't want to make them readable because they contain personal info like phone numbers and addresses of people in this group.  People in the specific group have to be granted permission to be in this group to see these forums.

I've searched, but couldn't find anything like this.  I'm interested to know if anyone can do this or help me figure out what I would need to do.  thanks smile

I'm using Punbbfrontpage.  I found a similar line in the functions script, but it gave errors...so I put it back.  I'm going to look at it a little harder tonight and see if I can't figure it out.  It uses $cur_posts['subject'];  I'll put what I find tonight.  Thanks

I've found one problem.  On the my forum censorship works on everything except for the index showing the "Last post".  I couldn't find this problem when searching. Can someone help me censor "Last post"?

perfect regexp:/f.{0,2}u.{0,2}c.{0,2}k/i

Thanks CodeXP

works nicely.  How can I do a wildcard in it though?  something like



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the best I've found is http://www.roundcube.net


CodeXP wrote:

I've been playing around with this a little bit lately, and I found the following to be a good solution:

In functions.php, replace:

            $search_for[$i] = '/\b('.str_replace('\*', '\w*?', preg_quote($search_for[$i], '/')).')\b/i';


            $search_for[$i] = ( substr($search_for[$i], 0, 7) == 'regexp:' ) ? substr($search_for[$i], 7) : '/\b('.str_replace('\*', '\w*?', preg_quote($search_for[$i], '/')).')\b/i';

This would allow you to use both the regular PunBB word replacement, and regular expressions. Simply add regexp: before the word to censor, and the exact regexp you enter after the : will be executed smile

Going to look at this when I get home.  You're saying with this I add regexp: on the admin list to censor?

As starshiner posted...  you need to add u.sex to the code like this

$result = $db->query('SELECT u.username, u.email, u.title, u.realname, u.url, u.jabber, u.icq, u.msn, u.aim, u.yahoo, u.sex, u.location, u.use_avatar, u.signature, u.disp_topics, u.disp_posts, ....

To add it to your database. Go into mysql and run

alter table users add sex varchar(10);

OK...I just dropped my database and ran install again, and ran the converter files.  I'm not showing who the quote is for. Is there a way to fix this so I can modify the converter files?

Hey Frank. How'd the exams go?  big_smile  Did you get a chance to take a look at the DB dump I sent?

I'm a little confused. I did convert from phpnuke to punbb and I lost the quotes.  The quotes work on the punbb version...but not on the old quotes. Should I try and convert again? Perhaps I missed something that should have worked?

I just want to censor the F word, because we have a few guys who use it in every post...and the mods don't do anything about it b/c their all friends...so It's an uphill battle that I'm loosing.

I like Reines idea. Can someone elaborate on regex more? and does anyone know if it works with punbb?

f.u.c.k isn't caught either by the wildcards. I have a bunch that find every way they can to get around the filter.  Does anyone know a way to solve this?


I've converted from phpnuke to punbb using the migration tool 1.4 (phpbb), and everything seems fine except for the quotes.  I was looking through my pages and the quotes do not say who they are quoting.  Is there a fix for this, or have I done something wrong?   Below is an example. Thanks for any help.

these are the best

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