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will the upgrade be just as easy to administer as the original content? I loved the simplicity of it.


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I agree when u imitate its like a compliment IMHO. But no wories on my part im happy and loving what i got.


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yes once again awsome job on the layout. I wanna revamp my layout but im nervous im like it works leave it alone smile

First of i just decided to register for an account though I have tested the forums for about 3 mos. I should have done this a while back. To the developers of this PunnBB Forum, This is awesome. I love the program. I just started working with Linux and MySQL about a year ago and wanted something like a forum because folks love Facebook type of communicating and it makes our website look pro. Not to mention the install was cake. So thanks to all the developers once again much love to you guys. Please check us out:  http://www.pcdsupport.com/forums/

Thanks again.