I was able to locate and remove the code in the viewtopic.php file so the email link doesn't show up in the forum page.  I found and removed the code in the profile.php file so the email address doesn't show up when looking at someones profile either.  It took some digging around, but I did end up finding them.


dimkalinux wrote:

This link is always visible for admin.
Check this as member, not admin.

I'm logged in as a normal member, not an Admin.

hklown wrote:

Is safari displaying a cached version of the page? I've never used it (so I'm not sure how to clear the cache) but that's my first guess based on the symptoms you described.

I already tried that and it didn't work.  I was able to get the "PM" and "Email" links (inside a post view) to line up correctly, but for some reason Safari keeps showing the "Email" link even though "Forum Email" is disabled.  I don't want there to be a "Forum Email" option on this forum, so I'm hoping to find the code that creates the link and comment it out.  I also don't want forum members emails to show up in their profiles.

Any one have any idea what needs to be commented out in the code to get rid of these two thing?

I have the forum email setting disabled through the Admin portal, but Safari still shows the link on the forum.  I don't want that link to show up, so I'm wanting to simply remove it from the code so Safari doesn't show the link.  All other browsers I've tested don't show the link, but Safari still does.  Also, the link is way out to the left of the page and it looks crappy.  What file and what code snippet do I need to remove or comment out to get rid of this?