you can't download the style rightnow. Its beta style, and lot of features need to be added.

live demo available in the headpost ! Style in Beta

what you want exactly ?


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Hotfix for adminpanel soon ?

fantasma wrote:


haha, you discovered my first timelapse of my hometown. ( :

lucatony wrote:

i'll do that for next week wink

Hi Lucatony.

When the WIP style will out released, i'll do that for you' smile

i just need few days more. You are ok ?

please tell me what you want for your style at :

see ya

live demo soon

fantasma wrote:

wow not bad!!!
feedback: fix color of new posts, active topics ecc ecc buttons, make background azure and text white

thank you smile its working !

second screen :

Theme work in progress : Arthur Walter Community Board

Only for rightnow. If the punbb community need this theme, certainly public release in few days.

New CSS3 Technology :

actualy features

  • based on IPB Design standard

  • gradient post / page : rollover > inverse effect

  • png icon status

  • animated menu

  • adding radius & background on span bouton

  • animated forums names on rollover

features soon

  • show on/off of category (+ / - )

  • gradient for user post

live demo soon


screenshot preview :

I want feedback for do better than now !