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All clear on the error log, so thought i would try doing the latest upgrade and its has fixed the error. Very odd.

Thanks anyhow



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Ok these have been checked and are as per gotroot. however the issue remains the same. Does anyone else know aof anyother reason for this error?



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Can you tell me what the mod_security rules be set as? note I host this on my own server have the configuration has not been changed since its installation.

Apart from the error with admin functioin are you aware of other problems i should be having if it is bad mod_sec rules? as from what i can tell the front end for mebers works fine.

Thnaks Again


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Hi Guys n Gals

I have been running with PunBB since Jan 2006

I have just logged in as usual using my administrator account details to change the announcment message.

However when clicking submit im taken to this url


Any idea after nearly 2 years this should be happening?


You don't have permission to access /admin_options.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Apache/1.3.39 Server at (removed url) Port 80


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Great, thank you!


You could just move all the files from the current directory to the one you need, but you will have to make sure you then get all the file and folder permisions set correctly and change the url paths in the admin area / database.

But as you have no data or users yet, i would just do a new install to be safe.



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Hello guya n gals,

Can anyone help with some advice please? I need to mirror my forum on more than one domain name and keeping the same database data, and login details for members.

So all my domains are runnning punbb but all data is written and retrieved from one database, is it possible?

Kind Regards


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Could i please ask one the Moderators to please change my username from phpauctionsites.com to "Auction-sites" please.

Thank you


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Hi All,

I have the settings set in admin options to send an email when a new member has signed up to my email address, i would also like to know how i can also send / edit the  confirmation email to the user that has just registered.

Where do i find the email templates?



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Thanks for that, sorted now


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Hi could anyone help me out with this problem, i have created a template for my forum by editing the main.tpl file within the templates directory.

However everything text wise has gone very very very small,

http://www.phpauctionsites.com/forum/index.php to see what i mean.

Where / which file do i edit and what css style do alter to correct this??

I added div#punwrap p {font-size: 12px} and this has made all the forum posted text readable at 12px but i cant find how to fix the rest??

Would appreciate the help thanks



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I had the same problem and didnt find the problem, but i did a fresh install then just imported the old usertable into the new one and that kept all my existing member logins and new user could still login

Used the operations tab in my phpadmin panel to do it



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Thanks for that, but ive been playing and very brave i was LOL

I created a new line in the common language file as:


Then put an if  / else stament into viewtopic.php either show the 'Bad request' message or if pun_user is not logged in and the forum is set to fp.read_forum=1 then show my new message ($lang_common['Forum Locked]);

thus leaving the the original bad request function to do its own job.  But this did take me all morning and my php book to learn the if else staments

but hey it works

Thank you all so much for you help, im sure i will be back for more advice or direction!



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I would agree Smartys but i dont know how i would do it,  im no coder copy paste is my max realy lol


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That worked great thank you,

however when clicking the forum that ive select for members only form the index page it get the message

Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated.

Go back

Can this be changed to something like "you must be logged in to read this forum" ?

Thanks again


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elbekko wrote:

For your first thing: you'd need to alter the big query on index.php. I think you'll need to leave out this piece:

LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'forum_perms AS fp ON (fp.forum_id=f.id AND fp.group_id='.$pun_user['g_id'].')

I found and removed the above code but then all i got was a message saying 'unable to get forum list' in a red box

thanks anyway

As for security im not that paraniod as i have my backups, would only be an issue i was a regualar attack. and i have the latest version but 1 i think...lol

Kind Regards

Hi punbb and users alike

I would like to make certain forums availble to logged in users only, BUT for the forum to still be shown on the home page/index of the forum under its category when not logged in.

I hope that this will let visitors know that a forum / category exists for the type of question they have but are unable to view its topics unless they are logged in. thus helping to create a larger user list.

I had a play with the foum settings and groups but if i untick the box 'read  forum' for guest it then disapears from the homepage/index of the forum

I have also noticed from my hosting stats that ive had alot of peeps searching for the terms 'Powered by Punbb' and 'copyright 2002 - 2005 Rickard Andersson' this has co-incided with serveral attempts and one successfull hack to the forum. I did consider removing the <pun_footer> form the main.tbl file but this would also remove the options for closing / stickying forums etc. So to help prevent the search engines finding the text for the copyright i have replaced it with an image.

Does anyone know or is able to give me some extra help / messures to prevent attacks? i have installed as per the guide but wanted to know if there is anything else i can do with regards server settings that i could request my host to alter.

Kind Regards


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Hi again, finaly found the correct header location to alter, thanks anyway guys



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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me where in the code i need edit to alter the logout location, currently when a user logs out they are returned to the main index for the forums. I would like to change this so when they logout they are sent to another page?

Kind Regards


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Reines, you are a star.

If only i new the $pun_user options, any more you know of that will help me. One i could do with is the $? to echo the username of the logged in member

Otherwise, Thank you so much

Kind Regards to all


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I have just spent a few hours trying some of the sugestion in the integration forum, so far nothing works and im now at a loss.

Is there anyone how can help me, im sure its a simple thing for those that know punbb inside n out.

All i need is a way to restrict access to new web pages i create to logged in members only.

Realy appreciate the help so far

Kind Regards


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Thats great have changed the url for the style css  and all still works fine but for the pun_root  i cant change as the new pages i plan to create will alter directory folders above and below the forum instalation directory.

My only problem is restricting some pages to logged in members and some open to all.

The previous post has given me away to to this but by altering the the guests user group "Read Boards" to NO and i would like guests to has read for the forums still



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Hi Reines,

Thank you very very much, that has helped me loads as it also pulls the header and footer theme i have created. in mail.tbl

I have 3 problems now, 2 small and 1 big

The two small probs are fixed by changing the  define('PUN_ROOT', './'); to define('PUN_ROOT', './phpforum/');

and the other was the CSS Style was not beeing read, so in header.php i changed the following

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style/<?php echo $pun_user['style'].'.css' ?>" />


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://phpauctionsites.com/phpforum/style/<?php echo $pun_user['style'].'.css' ?>" />

Now the only thing  i have a problem with is the the login in bit,

I would like the the forums to be read by guests (no login)  but the new pages i create be accessed by logged in members only.

I hope you understand what im getting at?

Thanks Guys


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Hi Guys

Thanks for your help on my previous posts.

I am now ineed of some rather urgentish help please,  I would like to use the punbb forum registration, login, profile and logout system for the whole of my site.

For ref if this helps www.phpauctionsites.com/phpforum/

I would like to create new pages within any part of the domain (not just within /phpforum/ ) but would like to be able to make some pages available to logged in users only.

maybe some kind of include (Ex logincheck.php) file,  at the header of the new pages that checks if the user is logged in or not and send them either to the login page if not and if they are allow access to the requested page.

Is this best done by cookies or Sessions?

Can you guys show me the path to success?

I have read the integration forum, but was getting very confussed with the ammount of jargin and confiliting views of users and posts.:/

Kind Regards

I appreciate the help!! wink


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Thanks Mark,

Should have thought of that myself, think it was because i thought it would have been an option with admin area.