Just send md5(user_id) to api.
Hook would be fn_generate_avatar_markup_end

and code something like

else {
        $avatar_markup = '<img src="'.md5($user_id).'&alpha=true&fact=4" width="48" height="48" alt="no avatar"/>';

and you may also want to add this to your css

.useravatar img[alt="no avatar"] {
    background: #fff;
    border: solid 1px #ddd;
    padding: .5em;


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I'm wondering - why there isn't any simple function that would allow developers to insert their code via php instead of this unfriendly xml manifests.

Something like this

function add_action( $hook_id, $function ) {
    global $forum_hooks;
    return NULL;

function test() {
    echo "foo";
    $i = 1;
    $j = 2;
    echo $i+$j;


I've made an extension for this …


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I've been trying to work on responsive theme for punbb ( way to many times ) and I'm always giving up because of DOM structure. It's so unintuitive!

Let me show some example. Look at this category code

<div class="main-head">
    <h2 class="hn"><span></span></h2>
<div class="main-subhead">
    <p class="item-summary"><span><strong class="subject-title"></strong> in this category with details of <strong class="info-topics"></strong>, <strong class="info-posts">posts</strong>, <strong class="info-lastpost">last post</strong></span></p>
<div id="category1" class="main-content main-category">
    <div id="forum1" class="main-item odd main-first-item">
        <span class="icon "><!-- --></span>
        <div class="item-subject">
            <h3 class="hn"><a href="http://localhost/~newestpunbb/viewforum.php?id=1"><span></span></a></h3>
            <p>This is just a test forum</p>
        <ul class="item-info">
            <li class="info-topics"><strong>1</strong> <span class="label">topic</span></li>
            <li class="info-posts"><strong>1</strong> <span class="label">post</span></li>
            <li class="info-lastpost"><span class="label">Last post:</span> <strong><a href="http://localhost/~newestpunbb/viewtopic.php?pid=1#p1">Today 16:31:42</a></strong> <cite>by kushi</cite></li>
    <div id="forum2" class="main-item even">
        <span class="icon "><!-- --></span>
        <div class="item-subject">
            <h3 class="hn"><a href="http://localhost/~newestpunbb/viewforum.php?id=2"><span>Test</span></a></h3>
        <ul class="item-info">
            <li class="info-topics"><strong>0</strong> <span class="label">topics</span></li>
            <li class="info-posts"><strong>0</strong> <span class="label">posts</span></li>
            <li class="info-lastpost"><strong>Never</strong></li>

Wouldn't it be better to have something like this? ( I've used bootstrap-responsive classes and more semantic structure )

<article id="category1" class="main-content main-category">
    <header class="category-header">
        <div class="row-fluid main-head">
            <div class="span12">
                <h1 class="category-title">Test category</h1>
        <div class="row-fluid main-subhead">
            <div class="span7">Forums</div>
            <div class="span1">Topics</div>
            <div class="span1">Posts</div>
            <div class="span3">Last post</div>
        <h2 class="forum-description">Previewing Another WordPress Blog</h2>
    <section id="forum1" class="main-item even">
        <div class="row-fluid">
            <div class="span1 forum-icon"><div class="icon"></div></div>
            <div class="span6 forum-subject">
                <header class="forum-header">
                    <h2 class="forum-title"><a href="http://localhost/~newestpunbb/viewforum.php?id=1" rel="bookmark" title="Test forum">Test forum</a></h2>
            <div class="span1 forum-topics"><strong>1</strong></div>
            <div class="span1 forum-posts"><strong>1</strong></div>
            <div class="span3 forum-lastpost">
                <div><a href="http://localhost/~newestpunbb/viewtopic.php?pid=1#p1">Today 16:31:42</a></div>
                <div>by Kushi</div>
    <section id="forum2" class="main-item odd main-first-item">
        <div class="row-fluid">
            <div class="span1 forum-icon"><div class="icon"></div></div>
            <div class="span6 forum-subject">
                <header class="forum-header">
                    <h2 class="forum-title"><a href="http://localhost/~newestpunbb/viewforum.php?id=2" rel="bookmark" title="Test">Test</a></h2>
            <div class="span1 forum-topics"><strong>0</strong></div>
            <div class="span1 forum-posts"><strong>0</strong></div>
            <div class="span3 forum-lastpost">

I don't want to create fork since I'm front-end developer so I haven't got enough back-end skills to develop PHP part


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Use just #brd-head.

Btw. header with 550px height is not such a good idea.

Should be. Does it still occur? Perhaps you could bring me link so I could inspect it.

I'm a busy man, you see

1.6 is out.

  • Fixed error mentioned above,

  • changed a little bit theme,

  • jquery no longer needed

I'll fix it very soon.


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lang file ( /lang/English/pun_attachment.php ), line 60

'Never download'        =>    'file has never been downloaded.',

If you wish to alter whole sentence, quite more complicated /include/attach_func.php line 229

$attach_info = format_size($attach['size']).', '.($attach['download_counter'] ? sprintf($lang_attach['Since'], $attach['download_counter'], date('Y-m-d', $attach['uploaded_at'])) : $lang_attach['Never download']).'&nbsp;';

Nope, as I said it was one day project. Inspiration came with typography and colors. Creating a responsive theme using punbb DOM structure is quite a struggle. It is still somewhere on my list, and more or less 70% is written already but well - finals are coming and i can hardly find any free time.


Theme metro, ver. 1.01
I had some free time yesterday, so just made it for relax.

Thanks to … t-menu.htm - for saving lots of frustration - for inspiration

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Don't forget to install kt_metro_ext extension! It provides some core functions to this theme.


login: metro
password: metro



(25 replies, posted in Feature requests) … obile-v15/

However it's not well built. I haven't got time to finish or support it anymore but I'll release my responsive theme soon ( i hope ).

.primary input[type="submit"],
.primary input[type="button"],
.primary input[type="reset"],
.primary button {


You should really use Firefox or Chrome Developer tools to check this things, not ask about everything here tongue.

I thought you want to change only quick reply bar, sorry.

.main-subhead p.options,
.main-subhead p.options a {
    color: #fff;

You made it wrong way. You should learn basics of CSS.
In your definition you're giving

color: #fff;

attribute to

#brd-qpost a



( all of them, not only child of #brd-qpost -> check your profile, Change your password link will be white ). Also some reading about code formatting

No tricks, proper way

#brd-qpost p.options a {


#brd-qpost p.options a:hover {


#brd-qpost p.options {
   color: #fff;

Just add this at the end of your css file. There's no need in finding existing classes smile.
Also if image is in the same folder as your css file, you can set attribute as


( note: no apostrophes needed )

#brd-head {



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You may add


To force users to download official jquery extension.

Left one:

.post {


right one

.postbody {


Nice. I've been thinking about this kind of system and you may consider adding automatic achievements while user made eg 100 posts ( easy to implement -> in post.php check $user post counter and if he has got 99 give him achievement ( as this one is 100 ) )

Placing it in yours extension folder would be better.