Hi! I made something like an extension - it adds google maps api image to profile, but I'm not able to write proper manifest. I don't really understand this hooks :<.

The only thing my little extension do is changing $forum_page['user_info']['location'] value in profile.php to

            $forum_page['user_info']['location'] = '<li><img src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center='.$user['location'].'&size=250x200&sensor=false&maptype=terrain6&markers=size:small%7Ccolor:blue%7C'.$user['location'].'\"/></li><li><span>'.$lang_profile['From'].': <strong> '.forum_htmlencode(($forum_config['o_censoring'] == '1') ? censor_words($user['location']) : $user['location']).'</strong></span></li>';

But how to write manifest to that?

It would be also cool to let user decide whether he want or not display map in his profile. I understand it would need new table in database, containing boolean variable, checkbox in Settings and some condition in profile display. But as i said, i don't understand hooks :<.


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Reuploaded. Didn't know this tool, thanks.


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You're right. I've changed it, to 162 KB repeating-x indexed png. It would also fix Your @fantasma problem.


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And that's a great news smile. I've added fixed version and demo in the first post.


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Theme Hydrogen, ver. 2.0
Completely rewritten Hydrogen theme with new clean, valid CSS.


I've used Iconic icon set ( under CC license ).


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Screenshoots and features
  1. Old look with new CSS.

  2. Fixed vertical align of pages and many other bugs.

  3. New buttons with fresh icons.

  4. New input buttons

  5. Fresh quote and codebox.

  6. Simple to understand, rewritten and commented CSS.


login: Hydrogen
password: demo




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Well, sure, it adds some fields. I can change lang files and edit them as I wish ( eg 'start year of study' instead of 'skype' ), but some of them are scripted and display URL ( facebook, twitter ). And i don't really need most of them. One, two - not all of them. I wonder if You could tell me, how to display this fields on register site and topicview. And it would be amazing if this fields could be predefined. I mean user choose from dropdown list, instead of printing any value.

Excuse me I've checked Your extension and It's kind of easy to edit. I've made dropdown list etc. But there is still this thing about displaying ( and requiring ) it on registration site and topicview.

//edit once again
Well I'm trying to display this in viewtopic, my code looks like that

$forum_page['author_info']['from'] = '<li><span>'.$dodatkowe_pola['drs'].': <strong>'.forum_htmlencode($cur_post['drs']).'</strong></span></li>';

But I'm getting this error

Notice: Undefined index: drs in D:\Program Files (x86)\WebServ\httpd-users\punbb-1.3.6\viewtopic.php(511) : eval()'d code on line 54

Displaying in Userprofile and editing it works perfectly by editing Your's script big_smile

I've been using punbb recently and i find it out really nice. However there are few more options, which I require.

First of all, i need to add new profile fields. I'm not dilettante in php stuff. I mean I know that I have to add fields in database  and show them somehow in user control panel, but I don't really understand this Hooks, and have no idea, how to put them there. Moreover I would like to made them required on registration ( this new fields ).

Please, help me smile.