just changed the topic since I "fixed" the first issue tongue

or some "code hack" I can use for this?

Found the setting smile
Settings\Features\'Allow BBCode ^img^ tag in signatures (not recommended).'

Wonder why it's not recommended, is it for security reasons or just for amount of data sent?
and how big/small must the image be to be visible?


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This extension hasn't "moved" since 2009, don't think it will move any more


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btw, did they change something in 1.4.2???
'cos when I added our favicon in 1.3.6 I didn't do any code change. I googled about this and they said you don't have to do any code changes at all,
so I didn't and it worked.

Same here as the other post, when you click that link "portal by daris", look at where it gets you, "

PunBB Forums → PunBB 1.3 extensions → [Release] Portal by Daris"

As far as I can see, Quick Search v1.1.0 is for v1.3x not 1.4x
it also needs 'kierownik's jquery extension' which also is for v1.3x

these are from 2009 so... think you can forget that, but I really don't know.

If you use the same version of punBB and I think it's best since there might be some changes in the database then just install the punBB as usual,
then in that newly created database replace everything with the backup you just took, also with phpMyAdmin.

If you need a newer version of punBB, then I would reinstall same version as the you used when taking the DB-backup, then later after restoring
the database backup do an upgrade of the forum, hence any changes in the database will be done with the upgrade.

Hope that helps a bit smile


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Yeah they do and again I was not explaining myself enuf tongue

Some ppl are asking for the ability to UPLOAD images in PMs.


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Is there an extension for this in 1.3x?
Can't find anything about it so my guess is no, but I gotta ask.


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cool smile
got anything like this for the web files too?

remove from table: bans
I've done that many times with no errors


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  • Do you have a domain name in the table's column?
    Can you show me an example of that?

  • What version of pun_attachment are you using?
    It gotta be a newer version where they decided to allow the upload to be on another server.


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k, that's weird 'cos there is no way to say where they are other then a logical path, not an entire new site.
These search paths are stored in the database in table: attach_files.
(at least in my version that I use(1.0.3) for PunBB 1.3.4)

Nope I can't remove any icons but I also don't know what that function is used for,
cos in the beginning I added a few but I can attach anything anyway so I didn't care about it.


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Don't really know if it's the "normal" pun_attachment you mean.......
but have you changed your config.php?

Whenever I take home a copy for testing I need to change that since the eg. the database server is not the same, the domain name is not the same.


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Old thread, I know, but I've tried to read up on this favicon but never got it to work.
I got the correct name(favicon.ico) and it's in the root of the domain name also tried some code that I found in here, but nothing sad
Using 1.3.4 and FF 16.0.1

FF work for other places.

UPDATE: Turning OFF these two: browser.chrome.favicons & browser.chrome.site_icons, restart browser, turn them on again,
restart again then then at least the TabBar icon worked. So weird sad

I must have got the exact "right" users 'cos all this problems had to do with bad translations to Swedish using utf8. (or NOT utf8 really)
I had big problems with the Swedish Language before so I had to rewrite many translations (but didn't think of this one)

This last problem was all due to the small dot in front of the thread you posted in.
(Display a dot in front of topics to indicate to a user that they have posted in that topic earlier. Disable if you are experiencing high server load)

This dot was not a utf8 standard so that made this error happen whenever it was on some of those page's items.
I changed that now to a '&#x2328' and that is the 'keyboard', also had to do a little fiddling in Oxygen.css so it would fit.

CASE CLOSED big_smile big_smile

UPDATE: Can't use that either, cos it seems that all browsers don't use the same utf8 standard.
OK in FF, too big in Chrome and in IE(unknown version) just the HexaDecimal values.
utf8 has been "online" since forever and still they can't handle it correctly.


No errors so far but I tested the queries that I saw and those who did not produce an output in the forum still got the correct answer from the database.
I'll see if I can put more DebugCode in there to detect the error.

... or if someone already knows what the error is smile

Now using v1.3.4, but same in 1.4.2

We got a big problem and that is that all users under the ID=255 can't see some posts in the forums.
It looks like this:
As you can see there's nothing between the amount of pages, it just show the top and bottom page amount or there would be plenty of rows.
A few of these 34 pages in this particular sub forum will show the posts and this seems to be happening only in the first forum in the first category.

A non registered user will see everything and so will all users with ID=255 and higher.

Any idea what this can be?
There's no way we can force 254 users to re-register.

We also hoped that this would work after upgrading to 1.4.2 but same stuff happened there, so it can't just be related to 1.3.x

No specific error found in http_error.log
Is there anywhere else I look for errors? somewhere I can change the log level?
This is on my own Linux test server so I can get any php/httpd/etc logs.


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Your 1st question is set in Administration/Settings/Forums, thus setting access for forums not Categories, although creating a new forum for an existing category will inherit the permission and can later be overridden.
Your 2nd question, same as above.
- to this comes that an administrator sees everything including the moderators.

The "common" question, since its' not "normal" user nor guests, there will only show up when logged in.

To try these, create a "normal" user and login and check visible forums, also check them when not logged in, thus being a guest.


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I can't recall the size but if it's too big then it'll be a download link and not a image that shows.

UPADTE: The size is set in Administration/Settings/Attachment.

There's a CheckBox you need to fill in

Display images [X] Images will be displayed on the viewtopic/edit page, whose size is smaller than the parameters below

then set the size in the boxes under it.

This is due to people browsing with phones or some other "slower" devices thus not forcing a download of extremely large pictures.


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http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … nsion-bug/


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Hmm, too bad sad
I tried the other but that didn't work.
Thanks for this one anyway smile


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...like in 'vim' or such?

or is a framework used?
is the last which one?


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KeyDog wrote:

Justice, I can confirm this extension works on PunBB 1.4.1.

    <title>SFS Antispam</title>
    <description>Prevents known spammers from registering.</description>


anyone tested this with 1.4.2?


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Installed v1.4 10/30/12 at 11:09 PM and I just "got one" tongue
Sofar very good to have this smile

Please keep this alive big_smile big_smile