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From the initial results, it seems like this extension is a lifesaver for us at http://forum.driverpacks.net! thank you very much! smile


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This works very well on http://forum.driverpacks.net, thank you very much! smile

Example result:

Admin UI in 1.2:

forum.driverpacks.net is migrating to PunBB 1.3 (1.4 is not yet proven "in the wild"). The only extension that I still need is a 1.3 equivalent of 1.2's Google Adsense After First Post.

Since PunBB has served us so well over the years, it only makes sense to contribute back to the community by sponsoring the development of this extension and releasing it as open source.

- mirror the Google Adsense After First Post for PunBB 1.2 behavior in PunBB 1.3; screenshots below
- follow the PunBB coding standards
- publish the code under the open source license most typically used, which is GPL v2 I think.
- release this extension according to the PunBB best practices
- fixed price to be agreed upon, not paid hourly

Who's up for it? smile

P.S.: links in subsequent replies because I cannot (yet?) post >1 link per message.