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Lion wrote:


I have a feature request :
The forum send an email to a user when he got an PM, (just to tell him he as a PM to read)
The admins could choose forum-wide to allow or not (default) this feature and if allowed, each users could enable it or not (default) in their profile settings.

That's something I have already done by tapping directly in the source code and that's pretty usefull when you don't come by a forum often.

dimkalinux wrote:

Ok, we try to implement this feature in the next release.

Is there a release date planned ?


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Hi !
What's new in 2.4.1 compared to the previous one ?

OK, so I finally got it working.
I had to manually import back my data in my MySQL server to be able to convert to UTF8, and then to run a full install of 1.4 to get a working config.php, and then to use it in the fixed forum.
It was a bit epic, but it is finally working.


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Testing it now too

Hi there.
After some troubleshooting on my side, I managed to find out a couple of things.

  • If I disable the version check from essentials.php, my forum is accessible again.

  • The UTF-8 conversion might have been the problem there. There was a huge number of posts to convert, and it probably timed-out.

  • Now, on my posts, there is no UTF-8 conversion. For exemple "Du 06 au 13 Août 2012" should be read "Du 06 au 13 Août 2012". But for exemple, it worked on the users profiles.

Any idea how to solve this ?

I tried with using the 1.4.1, same issue, even if it seemed to be doing some stuff for a while.

I am under the impression that the update script itself detects that the update was done (not sure what it checks), and says it's up to date, but the forum itself sees that the update is not done.
Are those 2 checking the same thing ?

I just did.
I had that error, which is not relevant.

[Wed Dec 07 20:03:48 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/Program Files (x86)/EasyPHP-

Any idea ?

By the way, it is a quite large forum.
365,141 posts in the database. Just in case.

Hi there.

As I don't have full access on the server, I recreated a test environment at home.

There is nothing in the error logs : - - [06/Dec/2011:20:21:34 -0500] "GET /forum/admin/db_update.php HTTP/1.1" 503 395

That's the only thing I can see.

There is nothing either on the mysql logs.

I'm now using the root mysql user, with all privileges, and the problem is the same.

It's quite strange...

Some updates have been done on the database, as using the 1.2.21 again is showing errors when trying to access users or topics.


We have an issue upgrading from 1.2.21 to 1.4.
After running the update script, it seems that the upgrade is not performed completely.

An error was encountered

Your PunBB database is out-of-date and must be upgraded in order to continue.
Please run db_update.php in order to complete the upgrade process.

When we go on db_update.php :

An error was encountered

Your database is already as up-to-date as this script can make it.

Any idea ?