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Found the problem, the style "Web20" doesn't support adding a new poll but take part of a poll works. Using the oxygen-style everything works...

thanks and sorry for keeping yourself busy.



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hcs wrote:

Click to "Show poll block"

That is exactly my problem, there is nothing to click :-) Tested with FF8 and IE8.



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I've problems starting a poll with extension version v2.3. My PunBB version is 1.4.1. The installation of the poll extension worked fine but if I want to start a new poll there is just the text "Show poll block" without a checkbox or place to add text under my thread window. Can anyone give me a hint?

Screenshot: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/82 … oblem.jpg/

I got the extension from punbb.informer.com/extensions/1.4/pun_poll/pun_poll.tgz
Is this the latest and correct version?

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