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Thanks. Do I need an extension for that or the default forum has it? I could not activate mine no matter what sad

Basically what I did was go to "search.php" at line 606.

Add <div id="info-img"></div> in between <div class="ct-box info-box"> and <ul class="info-list">

Finally go to css and style it.

     background:url(../../../img/images/alert_img.gif) 0 center no-repeat;
     padding: 4.5em 1em;

I have done it. Take a look if you can see it



(4 replies, posted in PunBB 1.4 troubleshooting)

Sometimes I see a small square next to the post topic. What is it and what triggers it? Can someone explain?

I understand, but being a site stylist everything comes to every single detail right big_smile I will try to figure it out then post the answer here. Thanks for looking Kushi smile

I have found it, but I am not sure if it is the right way of doing it. I go into footer.php and use


Thank you for the response, but can you please be more specific where I should put the code into? Much appreciate.

Thank you Kushi,

This is exactly what I want to do; however, instead of using css background and padding is there a way I can inject a div?

Hi, for example I have a link like this:

<script src="http://www.example.com/script.js"></script>

All I want is to add this script to my forum either in header or footer. Usually I look inside the HTML code and put it there; however, I could not find it. I guess because I do not understand the structure. Please help me how to do this the proper way.


Thank you for replying. But, that is not what I need. Notice the box where it says

"You may search for a single keyword or for multiple keywords separated by spaces.
You may use AND, OR and NOT to refine your searches by keyword.
Use the wildcard character * for partial keyword or username matches.
By default all forums are searched. You may narrow your search by selecting one or more forums to search."

I want to add an image into that box and style with float:left. That is it. I do not wish to change the layout.


Am I confusing people?

Hello supporters,

I want to add an image into the tips div and make it float left, pushing all texts to the right. I cant find the html code for that particular part anywhere. Can anyone show me how?

Much appreciate.

link: http://vphansite.com/forum/search.php?advanced=1