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By the way dimkalinux, minor thing I noticed:

On the forum settings, it says "StopForumSpam API key for report spamers".
Should be "for reporting spammers".

Probably also "Check email with" not "Check email by" StopForumSpam.

This is a great plugin by the way. It works amazingly well, far better than I'd hoped.
I notice you're listed Administrator.. will this become part of the PunBB default plugins at some point?


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I did write a modification that, when it would normally choose the default language (none if specified), would instead autodetect the language based on their browser preferences.

Would this be useful to you?


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Could you please consider adding the evidence field to StopForumSpam reporting?
It really ought to submit a sample of the bot's garbage along with the report.


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dimkalinux: If it were limited to their first few posts, I can't see the harm of auto-ban/auto-remove. They haven't made many posts so it doesn't lose much if it's a false positive. On a technical message board there is never any reason for a new poster to be talking about Xanax or whatever, so false positives are very unlikely.


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It would be nice if I could configure PunBB to autoban and delete all posts of someone who, in their first X posts, used the keyword Y.

For example, if I could autoban anyone who in their first five posts referred to any kind of pill, that would get rid of 99% of my spammers and 0% of my legitimate users.