Thanks PanBB.Ru for this awesome plugin!This extension offers the way to show the advertisement in the different parts of the forum.Great!
But is there anyway i can choose the particular Ads only showed on the particular forum category.I mean different Ad on different category .Thanks in advance.

I know that i can place quick advertisement or notifications using the default " Announcements" function.But this only places global and same advertisement/notification through out the forum.

But i would like to place different advertisement in the different forum categories.Is there any extension or hook available to fulfil this requirement.Any help will greatly appreciated.By the way i am using punbb version 1.4 .Thanks in advance!


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Great news.Now i hope my questions will be answered fast and i will get touch with my fellow peoples for exchanging ideas in real time


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otf wrote:


Currently I'm using only google adsense for earning money on my forum.

Is there any add affiliates banners on top, in left or in right. Maybe floating banners?

What other methods do you use. Regards

I am looking for the same kind of solutions with my forum for years but still have no complete solutions. But i have used the hooks extension to place the AD code snippets with certain places of the forum ( Advertisements in the header,footer, in between the threads).You can also try this

As Admin said,i don't think its available in the core.
To resolve this you can either make a "feature request" or develop the "extension on your own"
understanding the user permissions will provides some clues to develop the solutions for you.


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Dr. Deejay wrote:

Are you using the newest version of the 1.3 branch? And did you cleaned your cache directory?

Thanks for this. I will try out and let me know the status.


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In my forum, the user who banned for the particular time can't login even after the ban time was over.
I tried many times to make the user ,removed from the ban list from the admin panel,but nothing worked.

Any one knows the solutions please let me


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dimkalinux wrote:

With this, we have moved the development of PunBB to Github.
You may now find the official source code repository at

This should make the project a little easier to manage, and in particular, make it easier for developers to contribute patches.

Having the project at Github will allow us to benefit from the fact many open source developers are already familiar with it, and allow us to take advantage of the simpler pull request process. As always, we welcome you to fork our repository, enhance PunBB to meet your needs, then submit a pull request to have it considered for inclusion in the master PunBB project.

Have a nice day! ;-)

Yes.I agree. Wise move.

I am  in process of designing banner managment plugin for own project.But i will share for free with GPL license soon.