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Thanks, appreciate it. Changed to 1, that should be fine.

Anyway, i'm beggining to think that maybe some issues i have come from installing the forum via site cpanel softaculus, for example cache issues, or even favicon issues (i tryed even with remaking it with your posted software), maybe i should reinstall it manually uploading and installing? What do you think?

Anyways I started Croatian translation (though I don't think I will be translating the administration end, only user), hope to post it here soon.


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I use the same that works good in latest joomla.
And, yes I cleared cache and all stuff and still no change.
But never mind the favicon, i use forum in a wrapper anyways, that's why i needed it to be transparent.

My bigger issue is 1 - enable/disable registration rule for same ip adress deny


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I made it.
Made semi transparent as I wanted, in mini cs i edited background:#fff to :transparent and got the main outer frame transparent. It works in Mozilla but IE not.

But hey, why does cache take so much time? I lost 2 hours trying to figure out why it doesn't work and than it suddenly worked with that code change.
Later i removed remember time from 1800 to 30 seconds and it seems bit better now.

I love the forums I think i will translate it to Croatian and post here but hey why did u do the thing with cache so badly?
Newly registered users also aren't seen imediately on that 1800 seconds.

Anyway, solved, now new question:

1 - How to remove a warning that user whith same IP has already been registered in last hour, and enable/disable that stuff?

2 - I can't seem to get the new favicon working, any trick with that?

*sorry for spelling


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How to make background body transparent, it doesn't have to be the whole body but the one out of field edges?
I am familiar with the basics of php, etc.

Is there a Croatian translation for latest version?