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would like to give me the entire script ?

thanks Himura , its what I was looking for almost a decade smile really nice

    <title>Translate Each Post to English</title>
    <description>This will allow you to translate any post(Topic or Reply) to english.</description>
    <author>Abir Sarkar</author>

Version : 1.0.0 (First Release)

Instructions and Information :

This Extension let you translate any post (Topic or Reply) to English. Wrap your post (other than english) with a brand new bbcode [tr][/tr] , and let post readers to translate it to English.

Screen-Shots :

Download Link

A Request to Administrators

If its possible I would like to have this extension installed here , as too many people here who use to post topics in their native languages, I hope this extension will make it possible to read those easily for others. Thanks in advance.

Well Its so easy to customize this extension
(though I will publish a new version with customize option located at Administrator Panel big_smile )

Manually Customization Instruction :

Open manifest.xml

Locate following :

<hook id="hd_template_loaded">
$abir_tpl = 
"<script type='text/javascript'>
    function googleSectionalElementInit() {
      new google.translate.SectionalElement({
        sectionalNodeClassName: 'translate',
        controlNodeClassName: 'translate_control',
        background: '#f4fa58'
      }, 'google_sectional_element');
    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
    $tpl_main = str_replace('</head>', $abir_tpl.'</head>', $tpl_main);


More specifically :

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Change 'hl=en' to 'hl=fr' for french or 'hl=es' for Spanish or 'hl=bn' for Bengali etc as according to your preferred language.

Well , I think I deserve at least one feedback smile sad sad


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Nice ! smile

And a very nice way to earn money too tongue [ no offence ]


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WoooW big_smile


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Well , this can be easily implemented into pun_bbcode bar.

Forum Root Directory => extensions => pun_bbcode 
Then Open bar.php.

Now Find out the following div : 
<div id="pun_bbcode_buttons">
then put : $this->add_button(array('name'    => 'censored', 'weight' => 62, 'image' => true)); 
just after this : $this->add_button(array('name'    => 'color', 'type' => 'with_attr', 'weight' => 60, 'image' => true));

Save it and voila :D :D

No , In This First release I just have put function to translate English to any of the given languages phonetically hmm I will release a modified version with more options so far soon after my Exams sad sad sad .

Exams are like demons hmm I hate it , hate it from my soul hmm

Oops , sorry .. In Next Release I will not use "pun" suffix anymore smile
And Thanks for the Info.

Google Ajax Transliteration Extension For PunBB.



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Nice One smile


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Good Luck @Dr. Deejay big_smile big_smile


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I will go for it after my Exam hmm big_smile

AlexThunder wrote:

Do I need the "Loginza widget ID" and the "Loginza secret key" to make it work?
I'm just testing punbb on the localhost, and don't really have a domain name I will use the forum on.

Yup You need them both , to make it work.

Or , Go to

forum root directory -->cache --> Open cache_config.php


'o_check_for_versions' => '1',

Change the value "1" to "0" and Save it.

Hope it will work for sure.

AlexThunder wrote:

When installing in punBB 1.4.2 I get the following error:
"This extension is not compatible with your PunBB version."

It should work actually.
Look into , "manifest.xml"


Find this ,  and recheck if it looks like this or not. if not then change it to as given above.


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your server is too slow to load hmm

Lol tongue

Here the screen-shots xD

Nice One ! big_smile

oops , I think , I misunderstood you @jaizu tongue tongue

If you asking for download link , Dr. deejay has already given so.  Go for it.

And Thanks a lot to you both for appreciation.

Jaizu wrote:

Edit: ¿link? o.O

Yeah you need to set your domain in admin panel. Actually Facebook Like button by default Shares the link (whatever you liked) on your Facebook profile . You can say each time you like a link or an user do , a direct link of topic concern get shared on facebook. In this way it will be more easier to get your users involved in you forum as well as getting some more traffic wink.
And for your kind info , Soon I will release a new version of this with user rating system .. in simple words like button will rate the topic poster just like "kerma" big_smile . Stay tuned . big_smile

Cheers big_smile big_smile

Bugs yikes yikes
Fixed big_smile big_smile
And One more instruction :
never put a slash "/" at the end of your domain.

e.g  ---> Its wrong format sad ---> Its the right one big_smile

Well , guys I need some serious reply , Its my first project on punBB. Feeling too much excited lol  tongue

Extension Namespace : Facebook Like button
Extension version : 1.0.0

Function : Generates independent Like button for each user post or reply.

And it will be shred on user's Facebook profile by default.

Configuration :

1. After installation go to  Administration → Settings → Setup.
2. Put your domain name there. (Exact Directory where your punBB script is installed)
[[ never put a slash "/" at the end of your domain ]]
3. Check whether it is enable or not (by default it should be enabled)
4. Save changes.



Facebook Like button with Linkedin Share :
Version : 1.2.0


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