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keeshii wrote:

1. The restriction "one link per post" is not part of the core. It must be an extension, but I don't know which one it is. If you need this feature, you will have to wait until punbb stuff answers.

2. This is possible, but requires some programming skills. Basicaly you will have to synchronize your external db and the users table from punbb. Whenever you add a new record to your external db, you should add a record to the punbb table and vice versa. This can be acomplished with fe. mysql triggers or php. Totally possible for an avarage developer or server admin.

3. The guys are regullary commiting stuff on github (unfortunately in russian, so I don't know exacly what they are doing and it is hard for me to contribute).
The project is not abandoned, and it won't be in the nearest future. There is simply not much to do, because all core funtionalities are working fine and new features are provided by extensions. The last two updates to the core added RWD for mobile and support with the newest php version.
If you find a bug and report it in this forum, I am sure it will be properly handled by our russian friends smile

guruu misss u


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this seems legit on another forum, im not developer, but hope this relese for punbb.
developer punbb doing good as use unique style
https://s18.postimg.org/q3vjdi7ax/2016_11_28_092413.pngpic hosting

please ur help punbb

u save my life guru


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hmm seem legit


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how to insert in new topic?
and php 7 seem legit too ^^
Please any tutorial :3


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

why do you need it? what do you get?

hmm i like icon from andoird
rainbow of post ^^

Visman wrote:

PunBB supports characters of UTF-8 maximum 3 bytes are long.
Probably сharacters of android emoji have more than 3 bytes per symbol.


yes, more bytes per symbol
how to enable it?
when i submit an icon the text after symbol was ignore



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never, try attach video or gif

PanBB.Ru wrote:

interesting. I do not know how safe is it?

when facebook event & github use it, i belive it big_smile

hy punbb
how about to change bbcode to https://github.com/erusev/parsedown/wik … et-Started ?
it will be simple to write code html
how convert to extension for punbb ?
please your help big_smile


WHHHHHHHYYYYYYY ur so smart then im stupid T___T
im try once then work fine..
how can u write code so easily? please teach meeeee ..

BTW Thank you so much for helping..


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hyy try this http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … page-only/

PanBB.Ru wrote:


will you understand?

Or second embodiment:

No.. where i must place this?

how to add div on viewtopic & only in first page & after firstpost div?

here i try but not work T__T

        <hook id="vt_row_pre_display"><![CDATA[    
                if (($cur_topic['first_post_id'] == $cur_post['id']).$forum_page['item_count'] == 2)    
                    echo 'abc';                            

please your help punbb ^^http://i.giphy.com/lKXEBR8m1jWso.gif

i think this optional will make easy user read topic without back to viewforum or index to see other topics big_smile
hwo to create coding like this?

Problem solved
this what my problem hhee
sorry my english is BAD for speak in missunderstood before
Thank you so much for helping Mr.Panbb.ru

seems legit.. big_smile

yes on one file only, ext make me confused T.T

yes thxx u for fast reply sir, for now im still learn your code sir big_smile
Thxx again for knowledge this :*


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im follow this wink

Hy punbb
how to create div like thishttps://s31.postimg.org/xb0rxcyx7/2016_07_30_063300.png
please your help big_smile


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hy punbb why i cant post android emoji to here?
here the example emoji i want to post http://jsbin.com/yepugayolu


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maliyas wrote:

BBCode is more secure than Markdown

how your analyze?

hmm sounds same have problem..hhee


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PanBB.Ru wrote:

soc med What's this?

try an independent system of third-party services. Only you need to have accounts in these social networks.

social media i mean, like fb or twitter hhee..