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Congratulations. Your forum is really very beautiful. smile

Thank you! I try to do something, but until now my weak knowledge did not allow me yet to arrive at a good result.


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Hi cows
For this mod it is necessary to logout after installation. Colors are ok when login again.



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Hi quaker
If it can help you for comparing or inspiration, there is the mod CodeCrush IP log for PhpBB which is similar to the Log Forum Activity of elbekko, but that also logs guests and allows researches in data.


elbekko wrote:

I'd have to take a look at the code again, but I guess it can't be too hard.

Hi elbekko
It interests me if you had the modification of code for log of IP. I tried to change it, but unsuccessfully.
Thank you for your modification " for the timeout ". Excuse me for not having answered earlier, I had left of message aside.


loodos wrote:

i made a mod which invites a user to write a introduction in a specific forum
if you want i could release it.

I am interested by this mod. It is a beter solution than an auto-welcome post. smile

Just! There was an error in the name of my file; now it OK. This plugin works fine. Thanks a lot.

Hi elbekko
It is what I made on several forums, but without succes.

Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated


Smartys wrote:

What did you call the plugin file?

Excuse me if I badly understood, but I thought that code given just before was a plugin file to call AP_PM-Monitoring.php for instance. If it is not case, can you tell me how use it?
Many thanks

Hi Smartys
Thank you for this nice plugin. Nevertheless I have a message of error "Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated" when loading this plugin. I have it therefore uploaded on a new installation of punBB and I have the same error.
I assume that there are not modifications to make, otherwise to upload the pluging in directory. Have you an idea of problem? Thank you in advance.



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No success. I have just made different tries with a news insallation of Punbb. It does not work. And IP of guests are shown in the online list  as though it was members lol

I think it is "onlineToday", it is part of Puntal.

It is a pity: to have the IP logs by user can to be very useful.
I also thought of a suggestion to reduce the length of logs. When a new time is recorded, why not to prove if precedent was recorded in fixed interval (?10 seconds). If it is case: delete the previous recording and replace it with the new one; otherwise added a symbol (or other sign) to point out that it is a first new value. So we would have for every member the list of beginning and end of connections and the file log would be hard reduced.


I know. A little more double in comparison with the original mod. That's why I had thought of reducing the frequency of log every 30 seconds in place of every 10 seconds.

elbekko wrote:
falconflyz wrote:

Could you establish the possibility of logger IP with the times of connection of the users?

I thought IP was logged together with a timestamp...

Only the last IP is saved!

Thank you for your very nice mods.
Could you establish the possibility of logger IP with the times of connection of the users?
And maybe add the possibility to set the log interval from the admin CP.


gog wrote:

@pogenwurst, what if google consumes to much bandwith of your site and you want to block it? This is just one of the examples...

Sorry I don't speek English very well and I don't understand what you want to tell.
(I don't want block Google and there is no problem with bandwith)

Paul wrote:
falconflyz wrote:

Simply I think the slightest of courtesy is to register and be identified when going on a forum.

I would have said quite the opposite. I won't register on a forum which doesn't allow me to view messages because I have no way of ascertaining if there is anything there that is of use. I just assume they are trying to cover up the fact there isn't much going on.

It is a question of point of view. For me a forum is first of all a community and the slightest of things is to register and to become identified to read the messages of the members. Besides nothing forbids a guest to register under a fake identity.
The fact that messages are on Google either the mask of Google proves that they are not secret and allows all to read them and to register if they like to know about it more or to participate in debates.

gog wrote:

@falconflyz, FYI you can get blacklisted on Google for such things..

I am happy to learn it, although I do not see where is the fraud in relation to Google. But then I do not understand why this function is standard on Invision Power Board. It would be really unconvincing that this society puts on in offence with the rules of Google.

There is nothing secret on boards since I wish that content is on Google. If inscription is free, everybody can register, even with a free and anonymous email, and then see the contents of messages. Simply I think the slightest of courtesy is to register and be identified when going on a forum.
Furthermore it allows administrators of the forum having more precise statistics.

Oh it is not Cloaking: the content presented to the Bot is not different from that presented to the members.
You can  see how it is possible to handel this function with I.P.B on this screen:


pogenwurst wrote:

Why would you like to do this, may I ask?

Simply I wish that the pages of my forums are indexed in Google, but that when a guest come on the forum, he has to register to have access for reading it.

In I.P.B. there is a option to assign GoogleBot and other bots as a member. How can I do the same in PunBB?
Thanks in advance.


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Bonjour nico
Thanks, but when I do that, I have my username and my IP listed in the online list (viewing from a guest it is my IP only and not my username).
NB: I changed nothing in file "userlist.php"


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I wish hide a admin from the online list (not from the user list).

I have found this modification by Gary13579 at http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=5353

Open index.php

#find line 179
if ($cur_user_online['user_id'] > 0)

#replace with (switch the letter x with the id of your account. the first account made has an id of 2)
if ($cur_user_online['user_id'] > 0 && $cur_user_online['user_id'] != x)

#save and upload

#open userlist.php
#delete line 66 (   <option value="<?php echo PUN_ADMIN ?>"<?php if ($show_group == PUN_ADMIN) echo ' selected' ?>><?php echo $lang_common['Administrator'] ?></option>   )


It does not work any more with PunBB 1.2.12
I tried to change it but I did not succeed.
Anybody could look at code?