Just woke up, and saw your reply so thought i'd give it a go. edited the suggested file removing the // as mentioned, and for whatever reason the categories and forums in those categories now appear yikes

not even sure what i've done to affect that, but it works big_smile

not before configuring what i've explained there no. only mods i have put in are

User Management
Global Topic
Broadcast Email

but i tried to do the catagory thing before i messed with mods

Just installed this, it looks promising smile thanks

Hey smile

Im kinda new to this forum software so i'll try to make sense smile

When creating a new catagory and adding forums to said catagory, i get the following error when i refresh the index page;

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to fetch category/forum list.

Ive made sure that each catagory has a unique position, as well as making sure of the same for each forum i add to the catagories i've created. Deleting the newly added catagories solves this problem, but then im left with the original catagory, not being able to add more. i can happily add new forums to the original catagory, i've even renamed it too, and it works. Just adding new catagories doesnt, and produces that error.

Ive had a look in the ReadMe files, and didnt see any mention of this sort of thing, any help would be appreciated !