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Abir wrote:

would like to give me the entire script ?

Hello Abir,

Thanks for your compliment!

It seems to be operating well, so far.

In your opinion, is it ready, yet?


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The interchangeableness of the forumbot interface to support a range of forum robot modules from simple to complex is being alpha tested with a fork of Elizabeth Perreau’s Program O open source AIML interpreter.  The new punBB forumbot is being monitored but appears so far to be stable with greater intelligence in the punBB forum threads.  However, posting in this new punBB 1.4 forum has been light during early alpha testing.  Yet, a search for the term forumbot returned this thread on page one of Google, suggesting a gain in popularity already.


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The punBB forumbot is now registered as a new member. This means it is making its own posts and has its own account that is gathering statistics about it's usage forum wide. 

The punBB forumbot has been given a law to follow. It first uses it's moderator privileges to add a short in-line comment to new topics. From that point on, the forumbot will reply as a normal member in the forum threads. Otherwise, only the forumbot would be the last post on the forum front page. This would be greedy and block all other member names from appearing there. In turn, this would not promote the forum well on the search engines since the front page of the forum would effectively be rendered static. So this forum robot law is necessary.


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PunBB forumbot

Light weight forum robot with limited responses


A lightweight forum robot for pubBB initially designed with
limited responses in its small robot brain.  Phase one is limited
to minimal interaction on the punBB forum.  In other words,
this phase one robot is just a probe at this point.

May I inquire about the procedure for publishing a punBB forum mod?

Thank you.