I'd certainly buy one!  Sign me up!

Not that I am seeing in my interface.  I've installed all the templates correctly, although I reserve the right to miss a line of code.

Any chance you can tell me what I may be missing?

I would like to include an indication that the user has new personal messages from the last time they checked them - something like "You have new personal messages".

I'm not the best PHP programmer, but I understand architecture.  How would you write the code for checking the database for a new message and printing either an image or text that displays "You have x# new personal messages".

Thanks, and I almost have something to show for all my troubles smile!

Thanks Rickard.  I'll see how it all works when I post it all to our live server!

Ah...could there be something wrong with my HTTP Referrer?  I have this all running on a local development box.

Hmm - interesting.  I moved the login forms to another directory so that they can function as the login for content areas of my site as well as the forums.  When logging in, it seems to default to index.php.

Let me move some things around and try again.


Yep - it defaults to the index.php page of the root directory for punBB.

Ok - I've worked out most other issues, but I could use an assist here!  Name the price! wink

I would like to redirect the login form to return to the last page viewed (i.e. history.go(-1)), but I'm totally uncertain how to do this, or of doing so would break anything in punBB.

Can anyone help out?  Thanks!

ok - I have relocating forms down.  Almost there on redirecting forms.  Still plugging!

Hi all:

First of all, I haven't upgraded to 1.1.2. yet (maybe I should before I go live).  Can anyone provide insight on the following:

1) Relocating forms - is it possible to place the forms (login, register, profile) in a folder separate from the rest of punBB?  What other than url references would I have to change?

2) Redirecting forms - I would like to be able to change the location where the register and login forms redirect upon successful submit.  It is fairly straightforward with the register form, but I'm lost on login.php.

3) I would like to include {pun_status} on more pages than just the forum.  Any fast tips would be appreciated.


Kennel wrote:

Hehe, I'm glad it worked out smile

What?  You knew the answer and didn't tell me? wink  Or am I going to break something later. smile

Ah...figured out a simple fix last night...

The template structure is very logical, therefore I modded the forms to use a different main template that omits the board title and navigation and named it main_forms.tpl.  I then modified header.php to load main_forms.tpl and renamed it header_forms.tpl.  Afterward, I modified register.php to require header_forms.php and the rest was simple.

Thanks Rickard!  Great code, man!!!

Ah...now I see...here's where my logic is off...

The forum name, description and navigation is loaded in main.tpl.  Main.tpl is loaded by header.php:

// Load the main template
$fp = fopen('include/template/main.tpl', 'r');
$tpl_main = trim(fread($fp, filesize('include/template/main.tpl')));

Now here's where I'm curious.  Say I created a main.tpl without the forum name, description and navigation and called it main_forms.tpl and used IF/ELSE.

if [filename] = register.php, login.php or profile.php, load main_forms.tpl, else load main.tpl.

I'm so not used to coding PHP (stopped coding around when ASP was new), but wouldn't this work?  A free BOLD SOUL t-shirt to anyone who can toss me an assist!


Thanks for the reply!

I could use an assist if someone has the time...

1. What must I modify to display the forms for registration, profile and login without the forum header?  I would like the forms to appear as if they stand alone from the forums.



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Never hurts to ask.  Thanks.


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What would the damage be if I had to change the cookie that PunBB sets to another name than 'punbb_cookie'?

Not that I'm ungrateful (because this is a life saver!) but for other functions on my site, I would like to set it to something else.


Just ran the demo on your test site.  This actually resolves a usability issue I've assessed with many of the "shrinkwrapped" board apps.  Well done!

Sounds like a great mod, but the site is down.  Does anyone have another link.