That certainly does work. Thanks! smile

That plugin works well to prevent a user from posting a link in the first message of a thread. Spammers have been putting their junk in replies to existing threads and FancyStopSpam doesn't stop them.

What would be ideal is to have an option to prevent any links in posts if the user has a post count of less than 5.

Alternatively controlling that privilege through user groups would be Ok.

Is there a way to prevent new users from posting links in messages?

Every spammer that gets through the registration system on our forum makes a post in an existing thread and fills it with HTML links.

It would be helpful to limit the ability for users under "X" posts from entering links in their messages.


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LOVE the new version. It is a breeze to clean up the mess and report spammers in this version.

MANY thanks for the efforts!!!


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I really like the feature to limit the number of HTML links in messages.

Is it possible to have it only limit HTML links for new users with less than 5 posts or a specific user group?


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dimkalinux wrote:
New test version 1.3.52

Excellent! I have installed it and will give it a workout.

Many thanks.


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Bibby wrote:

Dear dimkalinux,

Could you add a short summary about how to get the "API key" of StopForumSpam API key for report spamers? Or just a direct url link should be fine. smile

Also, maybe it's a good idea to show antispam info in the "Introduction" page of user profile, so that admin can quickly view related info. Add a "Delete user (with/without posts)" button will help a lot too.

Thanks for your great work.

Sign up for a key at StopForumSpam.


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dimkalinux wrote:

Its nice idea, but i think that adding API key in forum settings is danger, may be result too many false-positive data will be submited from bad admins. May be better is adding API key as hidden options f.e. define in config.php for admin who realy understand how it works.

Was this feature implemented? I have the latest version installed and I didn't see where the API key could be intered in any of the files.

I get 5-10 spammers signing up per day that aren't in the StopForumSpam database. It would be nice to be able to push their info over to save the time of copying and pasting each one individually.