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BiloBerto wrote:

Hi, to install the extension:

1) go to official extension page http://punbb.informer.com/extensions/

2) choose extension (example pun_pm) and download it in your pc

3) unzip the file in your pc

4) upload entire folder in your server in extensions directory, for pun_pm extension the result is like this (you need change punbb-1.4.2 with your forum name folder)

5) login in your punbb board with admin account

6) click on administration link and then click on extensions link

7) click on installation smile

Brother, I love you smile

Thank you indeed, pal! smile

Can someone tell me how to do it? I tried but nothing works sad - I would like to have the PM extension please.

Also how do I make the buttons show above this textbox field? such as "B" "I"U"

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EDIT: I downloaded the BB line and i added everything to the right files, I am confused to where I put the .xml file?

Thanks in advanced!