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I really like the idea of this banner. But I have a problem. I am so new to this type of programming I don't know what file to put it in, and where to put it. I'm a 62 year old disabled vet and would love to get this working. I would appreciate some help.


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I have my installation up and running. Either I'm missing something or there is no way to set it to have me approve people. It just uses their e-mail. I guess that's OK.

However, I would like to add some I.P.'s to a ban list and for the life of me cannot make it happen. There seems to be no such place to do it. I see a button called ban. It won't let you ban someone who is not signed in and there is no where to ban an I.P.

I'd appreciate some help. Thanks


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I see no way to have more than one Announcement on my site. Is there a way to do this?

If there is, I'm very new to this.

Baby steps please.


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WOW! That's any easy fix. Thanks.


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Intelifuel wrote:

I'd like to see a feature that adds a data field for the reason someone was banned from the forum.
Currently, if a user clicks on the user list - all the see is the fact that someone was banned.  To prevent others from doing the things that got members banned, I think it would be a good idea to show a note stating why that user was banned.

Just include a list on your site for all the things that can get you banned. Number them. Then when you ban someone you can say, "You are banned for doing a number 2 when you only held up one finger."


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I have read everything. Maybe I missed something but I need to remove the I.P. address of the poster from showing.

If PunBB won't do this I will have to go to another.

Please help.