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Sadly enough, the right click blocker's are now fully pointless, if you're using browsers such as Google Chrome Simple pressing Shit+Ctrl+I will open the browsers Inspect Feature bypassing the whole right click function entirely.

IN Theory, the idea behind the right click protection worked wonders in the old days, but now its come and become useless, and if you're that serious about protecting you're items, don't upload them, and/or get them Copyrighted smile

Well the going rate can be anywhere from $65.00 USD - $400.00 USD  really depends on your budget ,and just how well you want the work to be.


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Hello Ken1988,

You can install subforums extension to you're forum

punbb_subforums [zip] 1.4

After You've Downloaded the ZIP

1. Unzip the file to your computer
2. Upload the entire content to your server in the /extensions/ directory (example: /punbb install/extensions/)
3. Login in your punbb board with admin account
4. Click on administration link and then click on extensions link
5. Click on Install


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OP has DL Link - https://github.com/downloads/floop-as/e … s/logo.zip

To Avoid double post Please see your post in 1.3  Found Here. For Solution

Provided you have access to phpMyAdmin

  • 1. Log into your phpMyAdmin

  • 2. Go to your punBB Database

  • 3. Locate from the side the following pun_post

Now Once you've located the database and the pun_post

  • 1. select the post you wish to export to your computer

  • 2. after you've selected the post you want go to the bottom of the page, and click EXPORT

  • 3. Save to your Computer then Import to your new database

Please note you will have to do the same thing for pun_topics
and export then import them to the pun_topics of you're  NEW database


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Issue Resolved,

Someone removed some of the files needed was the issue.

download links broken



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when members try to register on our forums they see error

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.

This is probably a temporary error. Just refresh the page and retry. If problem continues, please check back in 5-10 minutes.



How can we resolve this to fix the forum so they can register again?