Purge your browser cache, cookies, etc. and try then.

Something is wrong. I can't get forum.crystalnetwork.us/favicon.ico
Try to upload it once more.

Change favicon.ico with your file. It's really frustrating that you don't use right forums to ask...


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They are reading, don't worry smile. Nice extension, thanks for publishing.

Maybe they write from Guest accounts.


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Yeah, a lite forum that is extendable via extensions. I think that's a good idea, but it should "do something", because this Friend system in phpBB3 is completely useles.


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keeshii wrote:

Does anybody know a forum engine (phpbb, mybb, smf, etc), where facebook login is actually working. It would be nice to see a working example before writing an extension. A link to such forum would be nice smile

Also XenForo: http://xenforo.com/community
And from free phpBB in its development version 3.1, which can be obtained via their GitHub or area51:


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What about (optionally) removing colour chooser for users and being compatible with pun_colored_usergroups ?

Hey, keeshii! I have a suggestion to change the height of Quick Reply Box to be similar to this without extension.
Currently it is so big like on Full Post Reply.


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"In PunBB 1.4" and you posted this topic in v1.3 discussion forum!!! OH GOD!

Here you have an extension:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ndex-page/

"Discussions" or "PunBB 1.4 troubleshooting".

Also, a lot of people complain about the security of your forums, is there some fix for this?

No, no fixes. If someone report a security issue or a bug in the software it is fixed in the next PunBB release.

I'm the webmaster, and for some reason I don't like FluxBB, and since it was based on your software, I installed yours. Any fixes for our two questions?

What's the second question?

EDIT PS: Um, it's a silent edit?

Yep, a silent edit.

Nope, don't replace oxygen folder with Urban, that's first.
Second, upload the content of "style" folder to "style" on your server where PunBB is installed. Then you can set it as default in the Admin panel and/or in your profile.


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It regards the configuration. Look in settings -> setup or features. I don't remember good.


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No, but it's simple to do. Keeshii will do that for sure if he will se this topic! xD Joke. Maybe I try to do that or you can use this extension:


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Yes, but as far as I know only dimkalinux works on it (but sometimes various people help him, like hcs), so everything is developed slowly. I read on PunBB.ru that they want begin works on PunBB 2.0.


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Try this:
http://svn.poldrag.katowice.pl/listing. … 3f21a464ba


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Just click "Delete" and "Delete post" then. What's complicated here?


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It works. You can download it also from GH:

UPDATE `tbcforum`.`forum_config` SET `conf_value` = '0' WHERE `forum_config`.`conf_name` = 'o_default_dst';

It must work. Give me your database name and your table prefixes.

I agree. This also regards to forums which are targeted only for a specified country (e.x. France, Russia, Poland, Germany), because today there is a lot of emigrations.
It would be nice if someone (I won't say who I mean big_smile) create an extension which display a new page instead of forum when the administrator want it where user can confrim changing DST or cancel it. Do you mean what I wrote?

Replace "pun_" in above code with your table prefix.


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In phpMyAdmin, if you use MySQL engine.

Try make this query:

UPDATE `DATABASE_NAME`.`pun_config` SET `conf_value` = '0' WHERE `TABLEPREFIKS_config`.`conf_name` = 'o_default_dst';

But change DATABASE_NAME and TABLEPREFIKS to your values.


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So it could be done like in Facebook or other Forum Software which has this implemented: auto-filling. You write @us and you get propositions from a drop-down lists.


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No, @username if no whitespaces and @'user name' if they are. Both.