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I think it is better to mention user like this:

or @'user name' if user has spaces in name


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Click edit in first post.


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If you want get support in Russian, write on PunBB.ru not here. Here we speak in English. Please also change the title of this topic.


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So you should choose mods carefully.

Oh, thanks Keeshii, added to the List

Update it manually:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … s-136-140/
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … alization/

Don't think so. Find at least one smile. And if it is dedicated extension, so the author should update it.

Hey! I have split this post to a new topic in a good forum. People will be able to find it easily ;-).


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You are doing great job, keeshi. Really. I will use this extension on my forum and try to help you in the development. Thanks, really!

I think in "Profile" option to change account password should be placed in "Identity" tab instead of a link in "Introduction".
Hope developers have time and will to bring PunBB back to live. smile

:facepalm: Please give us your User Agent which can be obtained at that site tongue.


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More than a month ago PunBB reached 10 years (counted since first stable relase - PunBB 1.0).
Happy Birthday PunBB!


And make a backup of your post.php and upload an original file from PunBB Packkage. Maybe there is a virus/malware/something else.

What extensions have you installed?


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Yes, he want "selective quoting". Look into Pun_Quote extension.
You can "update" this extension by changing maxtestedon to 1.4.2, but pun_quote as far as I know has a lot of bugs.


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Use Google Translate...


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Eee...? Couldn't you just check? Everything should still work.


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Oh, really thanks for this extension. I was REALLY looking for subforums. Great work, mój rodaku :-).


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You must register on PunBB.ru to download it. @user12, please provide a direct link for all users.

It's hard to say which version they use, because they provide their own modifications. But no, you can't install extensions on that hosting.


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You must unpack the extension to folder which is a name of the extension. For example, if you want install pun_stop_bots, you must unpack files to folder pun_stop_bots and upload it then to extensions/ directory.

They can change user passwords, so it can be said they have access, but on Groups page in Administration you can change their permissions so they can't do that.


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Hi! Wordpress has his own plugins and PunBB has also his own. They are called extensions. How to install extensions you can read here:
And pun_antispam can be downloaded from here: http://punbb.informer.com/extensions/

Remember to configure and change default questions. Unless MOD will not give good results.