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I need to set up a Message Board for use by a NFL fan base who's club I run. My needs are as follows:

Specific Info- We're a major city group of about 500 fans who would like a place where the conversations are public but where we are able to only allow our own members to join. This could be on either side of the process- we could either have an "invite only" with emails to our people allowing them to sign up using the existing email we have for them, or we could open it to the public and work backwards by eliminating anyone we don't know, obviously the former would be far easier to manage.

The other thing that we intend to do is require that each user post either a picture of themselves in their profile that shows publicly, or a ling to their Facebook page. We don't want any anonymity on this Message Board is we want our members to recognize who in our club they are having a discussion with.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated-