Daresh wrote:

Does it work with other languages than PHP?

Please make it availabale to people not registered on your forum.

Thx,I upload it on my net disk now,you can download it directly now.

Hi,everyone.I am an PunBBer from China.
I love PunBB's concision and buld a tech forum by it.
But I found it is ugly when I post the php source code in a topic.
So I create an extension to change the style of "<pre>" and "<code>", just like the source hightlight effect on another project(wordpress or another).
I hope you like it.
Sorry, I don't find the the "Upload" button now.
You can check what it display at http://www.xunsec.com/post6.html and download it.Thx.

jeddenton wrote:

Great idea!

I have developed this idea and its now possible for you to easily create a mobile version of your site for users of mobile internet.

Easy to implement, Support Provided. Still being developed!

Fully compatible with PunBB 1.4.

For more information go http://jeddentonmedia.co.uk/simplebb/fo … m.php?id=6

SimpleBBM (SimpleBulletinBoardMobile)
Based on SimpleBB, which is based on PunBB code.

Howerver,your forum is removed and can you publish the source?


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I am also looking for an extension like this.



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a wonderful style,I like it.