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Any update of how to use it like a banner to the right?


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No matter hat timezone i set it always shows the Greenwich time. Any suggestion?

UPDATE: I found another time zone on profile settings and there is the key to fix it.


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Thanks. Maybe that's the problem smile


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Again this issue of server load. 431.25 676.10 527.84 (1 users online)

How is this possible with only me online? How can I tell if someone is hacking me by overloading my server?

Thanks SuperMag. How ca I hide the description on my forum because it is to long now. This forum now has no support anymore sad

any help?


I have tried to search my forum on google by name to see how it is ranked and when searching for "telecom traffic" i was listed on the first page but under the name is written:

"Powered by PunBB, supported by Telecom Traffic Team. Theme Urban. 21 today 15 38 today 00 14 55 24 today 6 28 56 05 28 08 13 14 10 administrator 06 ..."

I can see that the footer appears here and some date and numbers? How to make it to show a description of my site instead?


Where is the version 1.5.4. I can find only I have manually edit.

Iv tried and it works. But I will suggest to put on top next to Index,Recent,News,Search. How can I add this links?


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Check under setting-email. What email have you used for administrator and webmaster?

We only can use [td] text [/td] but not [td width="39" valign="top"]T3211[/td]

Any suggestion?

Ho to give permission to all users for the search. What to change on the code:

if ($forum_user['g_read_board'] == '0' || $forum_user['is_guest'] || ($forum_user['g_id'] != '1' && $forum_user['g_id'] != '4'))
    message($lang_common['No view']);

I cannot open your website from pc and mobile? I dont know why.

For your problem I think you need to add the navlink in here /extensions/kt_mobile/css/"yourtheme"/kt_mobile.css

I have to hidden icon "News" and "Favorites" that push down 1 row settings and logout which causes the navlinks to move to the right.

So i just disabled the 2 extension and its fixed temporary

Hey I have a problem on my site. When Im logged it the navlinks are moved to the right. I use iphne 3gs
Can you take a look what may be the problem?


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smile Thank you for your suggestion. It was useful. Any other tip to improve the load?


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Im hosted at godaddy. economy package


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but nobody is chatting? max 2 post a day are done on chat


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now the site is slowing down
Server load
81.46 630.00 527.84 (2 users online)

creating a new page with same header and footer.

any update on this?

Did u find a solution to this. Im interested to

Hi, The rss feed on my site is not working. What can I check?

Update: sorry it was my problem not rss feed.  you can delete this topic


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I have same visitor number as you but a very high server load. even when only me is on site the server load is high.

Any Idea anyone?


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How many average daily users? compared to me you have very low usage