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This is for sure a strange decision indeed, the domain punbb.org is perfect for this project, changing the domain will affect all incoming links, SEO will suffer, I see pagerank dropped from 7 to 3. I see nothing positive about this, a subdomain for a project like this doesn´t give what it deserves.

What a pity.....

Spammers are really a problem with PunBB, for a few days after upgrading to the latest version, I use the standard register.php and the spammers came back !!! I wonder how everyone deals with this ?

Thanks, I will try this, otherwise I may have to use another forum unfortunately.

I found 3 places with the number 50 - can anyone confirm that all 3 needs to be changed ?

Line 124: $num_pages = ceil($num_users / 50);
Line 127: $start_from = 50 * ($p - 1);
Line 157: .$sort_by.' '.$sort_dir.' LIMIT '.$start_from.', 50') or error('Unable to fetch user list', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());


Only online for a little over a week and I already got spammers in my board,

What´s the best way to avoid this without changing to much in the code, as I want to keep my forum as standard as possible.


Sure, but where ?

Anyone ?

Everywhere in my forum I have 10 posts for each page in the topics, I would like the User list to show 10 members per page, where do I change this ?


A little typo at:

.pun .linksb a:visted

Should be:

.pun .linksb a:visited

But now it works perfectly everywhere - THANKS A LOT !

Ok, this works, but still some problems:

.pun .linkst a:link, .pun .linkst a:visited {COLOR: #FFFFFF}
.pun .linksb a:link, .pun .linksb a:visited {COLOR: #FFFFFF}
.pun .linkst a:link {text-decoration: none}
.pun .linksb a:link {text-decoration: none}

1. As you can see I added the text-decoration: none, but only Firefox sees this, Opera and IE still shows an underline under the links
2. The links below the topics themselves are not affected by this code - what am I missing here ?

Thanks a lot

Strange, the above works in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer.

The links below the topics have not changed though.

I also tried:

.pagelink conl a:link {COLOR: #FFFFFF}
.postlink conr a:link {COLOR: #FFFFFF}

Doesn´t work either - I hope someone can help.

Just tried the above, that doesn´t work


Do you mean adding something like this ?

.linkst a:link {COLOR: #FFFFFF}
.linksb a:link {COLOR: #FFFFFF}


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Thanks, I asked a question in there.

I added as suggested, but links have not changed, I added:

.pun .linkst { color: #FFFFFF; }
.pun .linksb { color: #FFFFFF; }


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In my new forum I use black as default font color and link color, but in the space above the topics, like this one:

Pages: 1 2 3 ?   Index » Troubleshooting   147 Post new topic

I would like everything to be white, but how can I change this without affecting the colors other places ?



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Got it - OMG, this is not very userfriendly for most people who doesn´t know phpmyadmin very well,

Oh well, it works now - thanks


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I see the o_base_url now - but how do I edit it ?


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Smartys, I couldn´t find the exact location in the DB, can you help. I did delete the cache.


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I moved my forum, it seems to work, I can post new topics, but when editing I get:

Bad HTTP_REFERER. You were referred to this page from an unauthorized source. If the problem persists please make sure that 'Base URL' is correctly set in Admin/Options and that you are visiting the forum by navigating to that URL. More information regarding the referrer check can be found in the PunBB documentation.

Even though I did change the URL in the admin section, it still remember the old. I have no idea where exactly to edit this in the DB, I do have access through phpmyadmin, but can´t find where I change the URL in the DB.


Got it, had to keep the ? at the end.

I get an error doing this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/mysite/public_html/mine/wii/forum/index.php on line 151

The title says it all, I would like to remove this table:

Board statistics Total number of registered users: 10300
Total number of topics: 13076
Total number of posts: 91605 User information Newest registered user: justinlilly
Registered users online: 1
Guests online: 107 Online:  wii