In {forum}/style/Oxygen/Oxygen.min.css, search for both "color" and "background". For example, I found this:


and I changed it to:
and now have a blackish background color with blue text on my forum. In this example, "background" refers to the background color, while "color" refers to the text color (most of the text, at least).

Try to experiment with all the color and background tags. Just keep a backup copy of  the Oxygen theme, just to be safe.

I decided to give Xcache a try. As far as I can see, it is working quite well, and the start page on PunBB's admin panel detects that Xcache is being used. I can only assume from this, without looking at the code, that PunBB is setup to only allow static stuff to be cached by Xcache.

I don't know where to go to try it, and don't want to register an account anywhere just to test one problem. Beside, the post/preview functions seems to work fine for me on my PunBB install.

Besides, if it's an IE9-only issue, it won't occur for me. IE9 (and MS in general) isn't Linux friendly (and I'm rather unfriendly to non-Open Source Software anyways).


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I personally have no patience for the lazy. It's one thing to just not know any better because you're not computer savvy and didn't have a knowledgeable person to teach you (hence my suggested message), but it's another thing for the well informed to stick to outdated and insecure technology.

And people shouldn't be viewing my site at work anyway. My site has no bearing on their jobs. They should be doing their jobs at their jobs. Let them view my site at home when they aren't working, when they have some control over what browser they use.

I hand-coded the HTML for my main site. I am a total newb with HTML and CSS, and still had it validate against W3C's validation pages -- as HTML 4.01 Strict. Not one drop of browser-specific code (except to display the warning to IE users) can be found. And it displays perfectly in three browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and Konqueror with it's severely outdated KHTML engine. I haven't tried it in any others. At least two of those browsers work on the "Big Three" Operating Systems. I'm not trying to brag (far from it), I just have to wander why, with such a track record, should I bother with archaeic outdate insecure softwares like IE?

Heck, I'm half considering learning PHP just to patch IE support completely out of PunBB. If people see my warning and still want to use IE, not my problem. I told them there could be problems with IE, and they have every right to install a different browser on their own computers at home, so if they have problems, oh well.

I can't make the developers to drop IE support, but it would still be nice IMO smile


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I miss this feature too.

Have you cleared the browser cache recently? I'm not sure how to do that in IE, but I see similar problems on various sites if the browser cache gets clogged.

I have a slight problem adding a link to the correct spot in my forum's nav bar.

When logged in, the link is in the correct position (just to the right of the "Rules" link). But when I log out, the "User List" link disappears and the "Search" link jumps in between the "Rules" link and my custom link.

Is there any way to fix this without allowing Guests permission to view the User List? I'm not in the business of helping others enhance their search engine rankings wink

EDIT: Here is my URL code from Admin -> Settings -> Setup:

0 = <a href="http://localhost/">Home Page</a>
4 = <a href="http://localhost/terms.html">Terms of Use</a>

(it is supposed to point to localhost, I'm still testing things at home)

You can have PunBB handle the registration, then integrate PunBB's login with your main site. Click the search field at the top of this forum, and you'll be surprised how many results it gives you for just the word "login".

Though if you already have lots of users registered outside of PunBB on your main site, that would provide an inconvenience for everybody.

Batman wrote:

i am still waiting for the answer

As a general rule of thumb, it's good to wait a minimum of 24 hours before trying to bump your thread (some forums make you wait longer). Otherwise you just annoy everybody and nobody wants to help you.

Not that I know the answer, I'm rather new to PunBB smile

Provided that the extension works correctly, you shouldn't need to manually delete the files. It doesn't hurt to try, just to be safe smile

Provided that the config.php is correct (correct db info, correct base_url, correct cookie settings), the only other thing I can suggest is double checking the settings for your server daemon, try to get them as close as possible to what they were before, taking into account whatever settings must be changed for your new server. Perhaps post notice asking users at home to clear their browser caches, just to be safe. It might add a bit of extra stress to your server while your regular visitor's browsers rebuild their caches, but that's only temporary.


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Ah, I can feel better knowing an admin doesn't object wink

Though wouldn't modifying lang/English/common.php technically be considered editing a core file since English is the default included language in PunBB?

I actually have it set to:

'Powered by'                            =>      'Forum software: %s by %s.',

Seems reasonable to me smile

I'm using nginx, so .htaccess won't work for me wink

I think .htaccess is Apache only, anyways.

I already have client-side cache'ing of images/css/js files, with the expiration set to "Max" so it stays there until the visitors clear their browser caches. I think I have more image file types being cached that you do.

I've already done research on how to optimize my speed and bandwidth, and the only thing I'm stuck on is if I can use a PHP accelerator with PunBB. I've read that those can mess with dynamic content, I'm just not sure if PunBB is too dynamic, or if there's some part that I can try to "accelerate".

Millennium wrote:

thx but there are 1651 files, can it handle all at the same time? or it's gonna take a while tongue

....but what if I'm using Linux?
(I'll try through wine but I'd doubt it'll work)


Just found a Linux alternative:

I hate when people assume everyone uses Windows. There's Mac, Linux, BSD...

Btw, most Linux distros have the diff command to compare files and save the changes into files, and the patch command to merge those files back into other files. The problem is if you're not comfortable with the command line. But you can usually find graphical alternatives in your distro's software repositories.

Try clearing the contents of the cache directory in your forum root. I know there's at least one file in there that should have your forum's (cached) user stats in there, so deleting those files will force PunBB to regenerate them with "fresh" data".


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antonio wrote:

Just try to put "Powered" in search field, you will marvel at what you will see.

I didn't marval at what I saw, not even when I did that before posting this topic.

I saw all sorts of topics related to other issues -- footer mods, workarounds and bug fixes, and how to remove/change the "Powered by" message, but those don't answer my question.

What I want to know is if I'm allowed to change/alter it. Once again, I don't want to completely remove the message, I just want to get in trouble by removing the part saying that my forum is supported by someone I don't know.

Has anybody tried any server-side accelerators/cachers with PunBB yet? How well do they work?


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At the botoom of the forum, it says:

Powered by PunBB, supported by Informer Technologies, Inc.

I would like to remove the "supported by..." part. I do not mind leaving the message "Powered by PunBB", it wouldn't feel right taking somebody else's work without giving credit wink

I just don't want people thinking that my site is actually "supported" by someone else!

Would it be allowable to either remove that part, or change it to something like "Powered by the PunBB forum software by Informer Technologies, Inc."?


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I don't think IE support (any version) should even be a remote priority. I've heard all too often that it always seems full of security issues.

Personally, I plan to have my web server redirect anyone who visits my site in IE to a page saying something like:

Internet Explorer has many known security flaws that could allow your account on this site to be compromised. You should try another more secure browser, such as Firefox. To proceed anyways, without switching browsers, click here.


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reigyx_x wrote:

make login with social network, is possible..?
plis dont say with is dont work for me, cause many extension T__T

It should, in theory, be possible if you know how PunBB stores the user name and password in your user database. I'd imagine you would need to check for the sql query in whichever file handles registrations and password changes.


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Batman wrote:

i think you can make custome theme through this link

I think whoever runs that site has some sort of config error, because that points to a blank page, even after I remove the ?spkEn part, then try again without the /punbb/ part.


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I'm liking PunBB. Unfortunately, the theme doesn't match my main site, and I'm still fairly new to web design, so I'm needing a bit of advice. I was unable to find any tutorials or tips for PunBB theming in Google.

Does someone have a sort of "mini list" of what sections of the CSS affect what parts of the forum? In particular, I need to change the font size and general coloring.

Are there custom PunBB-defined CSS values? I ask because W3C's validator says there are some properties that don't exist, but I don't want to go messing up the forum.

Are there any other files I need to look at for theming?