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Tombik wrote:

Hi there (surely) great PunBB community!

I'm using CloudFlare on my website and it helps me a lot! It really boosted up my website and protected it. The thing is that CloudFlare changes users' IPs. There are various plugins for many CMS (such as Wordpress, PHPBB, XenoForums...) to decode that IP back to normal...

I used CloudFlare on my website. And I run PunBB 1.4.2 in a subfolder of the main domain. By some reason after 2-3 days CloudFlare starts to display page "This website is  offline" after minor changes to some users (oftrn after *.php chages).
It looks for me like CloudFlare is sensitive to the files change.

I am not a guru in ClodFlare services and I was not able to get it sorted out. That's why I was forced to disable CloudFlare services on my website.

So any advise to make CloudFlare compiant with PunBB would be greatly appreciated.



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Nice extension. Thank you.

I've got it installed and it was not difficult to add my own smiles to Quiuck Answer form.
There is however minor issue.

I've got pun_pm v2.4.2 and pun_bbcode v1.4.18 installed as well.

Smiles button does appear in Compose message form in pun_bbcode bar as well.
It does not work however. sad

Any advise to make the Smiles button working in the compose Private Message form would be greatly appreciated.

SuperMAG wrote:

Can anyone please update this and make this work for 1.4.2. Its a very nice feature, especially for quick multi quote for qucik reply.

+1!! Very nice plugin smile

... I did put my plan to use PunBB 1.4 on hold and installed 1.3 as I could not find the same plugin in PunBB 1.4