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Why I still support IE6 (no longer)

Update: The time has come: Although the lines below aren’t too old yet I finally decided to abandon IE6 (and even IE7). From now on I neither support this browser in corporate projects nor in my personal ones. The effort bears no relation to the benefit anymore.
Yeah, I know, it’s so much fun to again and again complain about Internet Explorer 6, how dumb everybody must be that still uses this archaic browser. But, you know what? Many of the people that still use it don’t do it because they absolutely desire, but only because they have to, because they are forced to by lazy sysadmins or other restrictions at their workplace. Of course there are also folks that surf the web with IE6 because they want to, or rather they don’t know it better, but I assume that this percentage is very small. you must wear some

And don’t get me wrong: I also love to swear to Microsoft’s hellion and rail against it. But, and that’s the difference, I still try to support it on a basic level. Internet Explorer 6 seems to really enjoy (or better said Microsoft’s engineers have done their best over a century ago) to give me hell, and when I am down it still laughs at me. But then, when I look at my work and see that a site I made is basically usable in this browser, I’m quite proud. Not for still supporting this legacy programme, but for making sites that can be enjoyed in as many browsers as possible. That’s the point I’d like to convey in this article. get your favorite costume from