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you can download it from here. I updated it for punbb 1.4.2


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just replace favicon.ico with your own favicon.ico in home folder big_smile

yeah ! it's great work!

oh great! i've deleted the subforums created with this extension and solved smile

hey, i've got an error on my forum. it says
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/myboard/public_html/index.php on line 160

here is the screenshot:

only administrator can see that error.
i installed subforums extension on my punbb 1.4 which was for 1.3
uninstalled it but no change there!

now what should i do?


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Happy new year.
yes it's a great community and the developers, administrators and moderators are always helpful. smile


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Oh! its a great extension.Thank you Kushi for this nice one smile


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Its a good one.I just love it. Thank you dimkalinux for this extension.

nguoianphu wrote:

Is there any update version for PunBB 1.4.2 ?

check posts on this topic.


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This features are already in the latest punbb edition.you can add admin user from administration>users>groups.
And you can get emails of new registration from administration>settings>emails.
please forgive if i've  understand wrong and also for my poor English.

its great. i've installed it right now.


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hey i use cloudFrare on my punbb forum. I found cloudflare app on my hosting cpanel. big_smile


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KeyDog wrote:

english language "Download" on that site wouldn't be bad idea though!

Oh sorry. I think its okay now.


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i did bengali pack for 1.4.2

KANekT wrote:

in config.php

hey its great !! and thank you. but do i need to change anything in my database? i run punbb 1.4.2 . i found no problem after editing config.php file. is that enough?
Many Many Thanks smile

I have installed punbb on http://banglabash.com . but i want to make it http://www.banglabash.com  . is that possible?
if it is then how can i do it?

hey you can download it from here . hope your problem will be solved.


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Portal by Daris was an extension designed only for 1.3, but I've updated it into 1.4.X
You can now use it on your latest PunBB version (1.4.2)
I've applied it on my bengali forum.
Daris, maintenanced by RimOn Ranbir

Author Site:


Download Link


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you have to change theme from your profile too.


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I've translated a language pack to bengali for punbb 1.4.

test site: www.ekushay.com

You can download it from here.

punbb 1.4 bangla language pack


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thank you. I got my solution.


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KANekT wrote:

in css files

i dont know how to. please tell me details.


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I need a portal page for punbb 1.4.2 . I don't know if any portal page is available for this version.
i want a page which looks like a blog.
for example http://forum.projanmo.com/home/
is there any? if not, please suggest me any.


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i wanna enlarge my punbb forum's text font. its a bengali forum and the bengali font appears too small. so what can i do? please help.