im glad u like this one... better than the other one.

care to share the script for 1.2?



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lol.. understand that point..


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you will have to do some css editing for the avatar then to counter the over lapping.
simpler way would be to just set a predefined width and height in the admin area.. and let the users follow the rules..



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u should be able to limit the size of the avatar in the admin area.
60x60 px is normal..


5. User avatars (upload and size settings)
Avatar max width Pixels             (60 is recommended).
Avatar max height Pixels            (60 is recommended).
Avatar max size Bytes               (10240 is recommended).



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yeppers..haha.. it is true...

she learning how punbb 1.3 handles the hooks and got a few extension she thinking of developing..


Another thought of an extension would be a meta tags ext.

This plugin allows you to easily edit the search engine keywords of your blog (meta-tags), from within the admin interface


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or any type of crawling bot .. IE.. google yahoo... etc..

put all extension in the extension folder.....

then login as admin go to extension and install it from there.



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guy's my wife decided to join punbb so give her a warm welcome..

username: quakers_wife

lmao..... she will be listing her skillz... soon as a programmer


sends an e-mail whenever the googlebot has visited your website !this would be a nice extension

do u have a link to current forum and site?



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I'm working on a new style and i need a name for it?
pic 1

pic 2

pic 3



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Anatoly, I didn't know that you was a 19-teen year old girl?

because I am a girl of 19 years old.

now here is the rest of the email...


PunBB Forums Mailer []
Sat 7/5/2008 4:00 AM
eken from PunBB Forums has sent you a message. You can reply to eken by replying to this e-mail. 
The message reads as follows: 
From: Lowry Agbevo 
City: Cocody, Abidjan 
Country: Cote D'Ivoire 
My private e-mail: 
Dear Respectful One, 
Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. My name is Lowry Agbevo, the only child/son of late Mr. and Mrs. Franck Lowry, my father was a  Wealth Cocoa Merchant, the Director General of the Cocoa Exporter Corporation (C.E.C.) here in Abidjan the Economic Capital of Ivory Coast.  Before the sudden death of my father on 30th Nov 2007. He told me that he has the sum of $9.2 million US dollars (Nine Million Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars) deposited with my name as the next of kin in a bank here in Abidjan City. I have the deposit documents with me here in the Guest House were I am presently residing for safety of my life, I can send the documents to you upon your demand hence we build more trust to each other.   
Dear, I am humble seeking for your assistance in these following ways: 
1. To provide a bank account where the money can be transfer oversea 
for investment.  
2. To serve as my legal guidian because I am a girl of 19 years old. 
3. To look for me a good school in your country where I can continue my 
educational career in medicine. 
I am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation for your effort input and mapped out 5% for any expense you might make during the transfer, like telephone calls, transportations and etc.. Please send me your direct telephone and more information about yourself, so that I can submit it to the bank and introduce you to the bank as my legal guardian and family trustee.  
Thanks for everything in advance. 
Yours Sincerely, 
Lowry Agbevo 
My private 
PunBB Forums Mailer

what version ? 1.2 or 1.3?

to change the background for the body it simple: for the punwrap use .pun or #punwrap.



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ok.. here goes. in the forum on this site there is a link in the forum.php for
I think that it would be simple to say pull the 10 topics from and post them there instead of      The place to go for PunBB modifications.     -     -     Unknown.

either that or simple start a new website for 1.3 extension. sorta how has it.
since most people is use to how the mods are handle there. with a upload and a download etc....

i believe that so far punbb AND  fluxbb is getting everything all mixed up ...

remember the good old days of two separate sites one for punbb and one for mods...

remember K.I.S.S.

my two cents worth.


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Reines, i didnt know that... kewl.. thanks ill have to try that.

now what about the ending tag?



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you cant use
<?php include(forum/extern.php?action=stats);?>

in your own website..
the extern.php has issue...

only way i know would be to create a file on a different host and then point to that file.

then do a include from that site.  sorta a bounce around .. that might work.....



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yes anatoly, latest topics from punres inside the block in the forum.php here.

Forum located on an external site.
The place to go for PunBB modifications.     -     -     Unknown

Anatoly, this is for you... can u ever say you dated sister.. well more than dated..hahahaha... evil grins....

p.s. that the only thing they have on....  wooohooo..

lol.. easy there young one..

older people sometimes are wiser.. maybe i think we are more lazier and we know how to get stuff done with out all the B.S. ...



Hcgtv, i got a few better photos of cote than that..hehe... yes cote is her name....!!

Anatoly, i got to learn how to make the extension.... lol..

remember I'm an old dog hard to learn new tricks..



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punres links in the main forum...

why not pull the last say 5 comments and post them there. since the sites are very much related in punbb.....

even the skin site..

it would be good to see what going on over there that is related to punbb...

I.E. punres is where most of the mods and such is at..


lol.... what not new doc?

let me know what ya think?