im looking for a mod that allows me to sale photo from the gallery or a paid group(paid group) that get all access to uploads or download via there membership? WILLING TO PAY! ASAP!

working on an xbox style
just now i got to added all the images..hehe


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sweet site. keep up the hard work! holla if ya need any intergrations between wp and punbb and other stuff!

got flashchat working for me
demo/demo to login
then u will see chat on menu


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sweet like the colors....

it works in firefox and ie at 1024x768 and 800 x 600 anything else i dont know.h.aha

i have did about 5 site so far.. wooohooo!
in the forum i got pics of other intergrations!
software used:

i did guistyle in about 30 mins.
so if anyone needs there intergrated.
contact me thur my site


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u can intergrate the forum into wp! just by moding the main.tpl in the forun so it captures the wp info and stuff! that my site.
here the site info … c.php?id=2
lots of good information on intergratation.

can u include the moded files that you have done?
can u upload them to as a zip or a rar?