He said posts, not topics.

I want to integrate the last 10 post in the forum (...)

@Dr.Jeckyl: I just had a quick look in extern.php, and I couldn't find an option that allowed you to show the last 10 posts.


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Add this to your theme CSS (for example Oxygen.css):

#brdmenu A:link, #brdmenu A:visited {
   font-weight: bold;


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Sorry for the offtopic, but what's the name of the font you're using in Notepad in that video, Rickard? I like it. smile


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I don't use an antivirus program either. In my opinion, they just waste resources.


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Adamus wrote:


Får inte rätt på min cornflower css fil här. Bredden blir helt fel i Internet explorer men funkar fint i Firefox. Någon som vet vad problemet är?

Tack på förhand!


Ditt problem har jag ingen lösning på, tyvärr, men du skulle kanske vilja veta att detta inträffar i Firefox I alla fall för mig.


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I would recommend Abyss Web Server. PunBB works like a charm once you've got a database and PHP set up... but Apache's not bad either. wink


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Hmm... Jag kommer inte på några bra översättningar till det just nu, men kanske "Brunna.se:s bästa" duger?

Eller Brunna.se's bästa. Hur sjutton man nu ska skriva det. tongue


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There should be an option for that in the program's options. If there isn't, I don't know how to do it.

By the way, have you tried Alt + Enter?

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