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Hi Dimka, since we need to enable support for self host multimedia file embedded, I think we need to add this media JS library file  into your extension hook to make html5 video and audio tags work in our PUNBB.

IMHO, it more better than adding the 3rd party swf file (flash based) to make the self host audio and video file work with our PUNBB. In my trial error with my custom of your media extension, it work like a charm on both desktop and mobile (iPhone/Android) in our PUNBB with the common html5 multimedia tag.

<video src="video.mp4" width="320" height="200" controls preload></video>
<audio src="audio.mp3" controls preload></audio>

And if possible, you should add the support of some common video host like in vB cms too (eg: Hulu, Metacafe etc).

Hi Kushi, for the next release you should to add back the forum visit elemen into your template.

<!-- forum_visit -->

Your 1.6 version is lack of forum visit elemen and it cause all the forum visit link (eg: New posts Active topics Unanswered topics PM) disappear on mobile view.

Anyway if someday you have more spare theme, would you mind to create one or some responsive theme for our community, so we don't need separate theme for mobile version again. The idea of the mobile view is great but in some case the layout/display issue will still always there.


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Sure, the ajax script is configured to make the scrollbar auto scroll to the latest/recent chat post. But you can play around with the css there, eg: to solve your issue you can customize the width property in the css file as your desire.

For example to your issue:

Find this line in the css file

#chats{margin:2px auto 3px 2px;[b]width:78%[/b];height:330px;border:1px solid #aaaafe;background-color:#fdfdfe;overflow:auto;padding:2px;box-shadow:.18em .18em .2em #a0a1d2;-webkit-box-shadow:.18em .18em .2em #a0a1d2;-moz-border-radius:.8em;-webkit-border-radius:.8em;-khtml-border-radius:.8em;border-radius:.8em}

In that line, you can edit the width css property into 100% to make it fit without scrolling. Else for the balance, the other optional is to set the width on #chatarea css tag into 100% too. So, your chat room will display fit to screen.

For other layout/display issue, all you can do is just to play arround with the css there.


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lucatony wrote:

thanks for the help !! i`ll check it  big_smile

From your chat html source code, the define forum_root seem not matched and it cause some files to be 404/not found, eg:

should be

That why your chat room look like keep on frozen.

Open your index.php in chat extension folder and make sure the define forum_root (in line 2) is correct with your extension folder path, by default is set to:

define('FORUM_ROOT', '../../');

If it is correct then the file will no longer be 404/not found and your chat will be work like on this v1.3.6 demo.


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lucatony wrote:

I did it and doestn work , but the installation was perfect , so the problem is the script wont work on 1.3 because it keep frozen sad

In my trial error at PunBB 1.3.6 and it still work, you can check on this  PunBB 1.3.6 demo site. I think, there are some conflict with other extension (probably its cause by js cache, since it merge all js things into single file). But I'm not pretty sure.

Do you able to mention your current installed extension, punbb ver and your forum link?
If I have some spare time, I'll try to check it out and thx for the report.

Another BBcode tag extension which allow your forum member to upload image file into postimg.org without any bloating javacsript in header or footer. The main purpose is for speed and stability.

- Pun BBcode

- https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/wgf … _image.zip

- Extract the file
- Upload the e_image into your extension dir
- Upload the addform.html into your forum dir
- Install the extension from admin panel, done.

IMO, This v1.6 is the most better version of your mobile theme. It's look clean and not yet found any issue.  Thx u, Kushi.


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lucatony wrote:

FANTASTIC !! could you do this for 1.3 also ?? lot of thanks !!!

It should work for v1.3 too, just extract the file, open the manifest.xml file and edit the min version of this extension to your current installed PunBB version.


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eirikrye wrote:

It would be great to be able to password protect rooms.

So far, not yet possible to add password protect on single rooms, coz it will lock all whole room.


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Here the update.
- Chat-1.1.zip

For the correct time zone, take a look at the class.ChatSimple.php. Find this lines below and edit the $hourdiff value with your country time zone.

        // date and timezones setting
        $hourdiff = "+7";  // by default is set into +7 a.k.a my country time zone
        $timeadjust = ($hourdiff * 60 * 60);
        $chatdate = gmdate("l, d F Y h:i a",time() + $timeadjust);


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Rolex wrote:

How does one set the chat time? It's May 19 in my country already. But it still shows May 18 in chat.

Date and timestamp format by default is set into date('j F H:i'). And you rite, it still lack of timezone support. I will fixed it soon.


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SuperMAG wrote:
Fatal error: Class 'App' not found in /home/*******/public_html/extensions/chat/index.php on line 6

got this error after installing the plugin and opening the chat page.

Ok, I'll check it now. Thx for the feedback.


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Upz, my bad, i forgot one things.
For the correct working extension,  it is recommended to disable or uninstall the omedonlie tag extension first, before installing that extension.


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OmedOnlie-Tag by KarDo with working mp3 and better Youtube display.


It should be fixed now.


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I will merge my working mp3 extension to this extension, ASAP.


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Or for instant, just download and install this barebone Omed-online tag (without video tag and mp3 tag).
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/sc3hhawmfvk1mh … e_tags.zip

And then install this mp3 extensions and fancy video tag by Dimka.


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It won't work, while the mp3 hook from omed-online tag extension still exist on it manifest. Before install this extension, you should find and remove this hook below from the omed-online tag manifest.

<hook id="ps_parse_message_post_merge"><![CDATA[
            // Mod: Flash MP3 Player (8 new lines follow)
            $player_url     = $ext_info['path'].'/dewplayer.swf';
            $player_bgcolor = 'ffffff';
            $player_width   = 240;
            $player_height  = 20;
            $player_param   = '?bgcolor='.$player_bgcolor.'&amp;mp3=$2';  // Bo Helbjardnî şêwazî Dîkey Wegerxer Serdanî "http://www.alsacreations.fr/?dewplayer" Bke .
            $player_alternative = '<strong>Flaş Bûnî Nye</strong>';
            $player_code = "\n\t\t\t\t\t<object type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" data=\"".$player_url.$player_param."\" width=\"".$player_width."\" height=\"".$player_height."\">\n\t\t\t\t\t  <param name=\"movie\" value=\"".$player_url.$player_param."\" />\n\t\t\t\t\t  <param name=\"bgcolor\" value=\"#".$player_bgcolor."\" />\n\t\t\t\t\t  ".$player_alternative."\n\t\t\t\t\t</object>\n\t\t\t\t\t";
            $text = preg_replace("/\[mp3 url=(&quot;|\"|'|)(.*?)\\1\]/", $player_code, $text);

$this->add_button(array('name'    => 'mp3', 'weight' => 90, 'image' => true));

$pattern[] = '#\[mp3\]([^\[]*?)\[/mp3\]#ms';

$replace[] = '<object width="200" height="20"><param name="movie" value="dewplayer.swf?mp3=$1" /><param name="wmode" value="transparent" /><embed src="extensions/omedonlie_tags/dewplayer.swf?mp3=$1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="200" height="20"></embed></object>';

for optional, you can remove the video hook too, and substitute it with fancy video extension from Dimka.


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Some part like set the max post chat, enable link post on chat, create more room, edit  room name, and so on still need manual editing on the setchat.php file. You should find some of this line code below and edit it as your need.

// Maximum number of post chat
define('MAXROWS', 10);             

// allows links in texts (1), not allow (0)
define('CHATLINK', 1);             

// For create more rooms, add lines with this syntax  $chatrooms[] = 'room_name';
// For edit the rooms name, just edit room one and room two with your desire name
$chatrooms = array();
$chatrooms[] = 'Room One';
$chatrooms[] = 'Room Two';

// Password used to empty chat rooms, just edit 12345 with your password
define('CADMPASS', '12345');

// Name of the directory in which are stored the TXT files for chat rooms
define('CHATDIR', 'chattxt');

- click it


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- Chat 1.0.zip
- Chat 1.1.zip

v1.1 log:
- Fixed time zone issue
- Fixed class App issue


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Ajax Chat

This extension provides a simple chat system integrated into your PunBB Forum and does not require database, it works with text files saved on server, so, it is fast and requires very few server resources. This extension compatible with PunBB 1.4.2 and by default is hide from guest.



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Check this demo site


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Yeah, it just a normal mp3 player but still need some improved coz' some mp3 file from site like 4shared still failed to stream. And sorry for my bad, I forgot to include the demo.


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Allow user to embedded MP3 with BB Code tag.


  • Pun BBcode