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Thanks. That is the kind of thing I was looking for. If only there were some way to make it go through and send out all the existing posts in the forum it would be perfect! I'm no programmer, but if I have time I'll see if I can make it work.


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It actually wouldn't work via database import. The main idea would have to be some system for e-mailing each comment to Google. Google imports via e-mail. Sorry I didn't make that clear.


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Is there anyway I could export the contents of a PunBB forum to Google Groups?

(I don't want to start a discussion about why I am doing this or whether it is a good idea - as much as I like PunBB I am currently in a situation where this would be a very useful thing to do if there was any way to do it.)


Still doesn't work!

Does this have anything to do with it?

http://help.textdrive.com/index.php?pg= … amp;id=126

Thanks! I'll give it a spin right away!

Thanks. I can wait. I problably won't be able to test anything till next week anyway. I appreciate the effort!

elbekko wrote:

If you really want, I'll rewrite it a bit to not use HTML mail and just send it through pun_mail();

That would be great! I don't mind if the URL is sent as plain text instead of HTML. Actually, I think it is better because people won't think it is SPAM! I really appreciate it if you have the time to do this, because my forum users are all complaining about not having this feature since I switched from PHPBB...

I dont' know if it matters, but I see that your headers read:


I use UTF-8. A lot of my forums are in Chinese...

Smartys wrote:

And why in the world do you need to send HTML email when nothing else in PunBB does? n00b tongue

I would like it if this could be re-written to use the same e-mail standard and calls that PunBB uses.

OK. It showed an error when I posted a new topic. But there were no details in the error...

Smartys wrote:

If someone put their SMTP settings in PunBB (which is I think what's happening here)

Didn't I say that I didn't do that? If not, let me say it now: The SMTP settings in PuBB are not set. THey are blank, but PunBB sends mail just fine without them! And I never created any kind of PHP.ini file. I'm on TextDrive, I don't know how they manage things like that, though I suppose I can check if I need to.

I'll create the version that outputs an error message.

I really need this functionality!

No. I don't have the SMTP settings defined via the admin interface. Like I said, PunBB is sending e-mails to me just fine, except for this mod. Does this mod need separate mail settings or can't it use the same as PunBB?

I dont' see any file named php.ini in the directory. It doesn't seem to be part of the standard PunBB install...

I don't recall having to set my SMTP settings during any part of the install process.

Like I said, I get mails sent regularly on new registrations and subscribed threads, so while PUNBB is sending mail just fine - your mod is not. Does your Mod require different SMTP settings?

elbekko wrote:

Nothing important to this mods has changed in .11. Are you sure you've put the functions in functions.php and call them in post.php?

Yup. Double checked a few times.

One thing I noticed was that the downloaded files had DOS line endings. I tried converting to UNIX line endings and re-doing the changes, but it didn't make any difference. Don't know if DOS and UNIX differs in any important way. (I'm an OSX user myself but I use TextWrangler which can handle all different types of line endings.)

Well, lets see:

Table exists - check.
Admin interface exists - check.
ViewForum.php shows that group is subscribed - check.

Members of group receive e-mail notification on new topic - No.

Perhaps a step is missing in the instructions for the mod? I went through them twice...

I'm using 1.2.11. Perhaps something changed in that version? (although I see it still says I'm using 1.2.10)

How do I check?

It sends a message to admin when I sub a new member, and I get mail notifications for new posts to subscribed topics.

I can't get it to work. I'm using the latest version of PunBB, but nothing happens. First of all, I couldn't run install_mod.php. I get a blank screen when I load the page. Instead I ran the SQL function manually in PHP MyAdmin. However, even then, nothing works. I get the admin interface, and the viewtopic page shows which groups are subscribed, but no e-mail is sent out to members of the subscribed group.

Not only are all the files there, but the instructions are different. DON'T use this version, make sure you get the PunRes version!

This mod is broken.

First of all, there is a mistake in the download. The file AP_Subscribe_Groups.php does not exist. There is, however, a file called install_mod.php. I tried renaming that, and it then appeared in the Admin menu, but it still wouldn't load. I get a blank screen.


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Batch group assign doesn't work because all my students are at the same domain, but in different classes.

The Group Forum Subscribe mod looks useful. I'll give it a spin. Thanks.


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Thanks. I think I was looking for it during the creation process, which is where I'm used to seeing it.


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Like I said, I've written posts in other threads, but I wanted to consolidate.

I did not find any relevant plugins that did what I was looking for.

How to do 6?


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I've already addressed some of these issues elsewhere, but I wanted to group together the limitations that PunBB has for my current use of it in an academic setting:

1. UTF-8 Should be default for all languages, including English. This is true of other apps such as MediaWiki and Wordpress.

2. RSS feeds should be available for private forums. One option might be to publish RSS feeds to a sub-directory which can then be protected with .htaccess.

3. Not everyone uses RSS, so there should be the option of having all members of a group receive an e-mail whenever the forums to which they have access are updated with a new topic. THey should not receive new notifications of additional posts in those topics unless they are subscribed however. This is how I had PHPBB setup. Oh, and "subscribe to this" should be on by default for anyone who writes a post or replies to one. However, that should be something one can set in the preferences.

4. There should be the ability to batch add a list of e-mail addresses, generating usernames, setting langauge setting, providing a random passoword for each, and also assigning them all to a group (or more than one) at the same time.

5. There should also be the ability to batch modify users found via searches, adding all checked users to a group at the same time.

6. THere should be support for "sticky" topics that always appear at the top.

I'm sure some of this can be done via Mods, but for academic settings it is a pain to have to update mods each semester to meet security patches, etc.

Anyone else have thoughts about what their ideal Academic build of PunBB might look like?

I looked at this file and it seems that there is an option to mail everyone on a list of any new posts to the forums. Is there any way to create lists on a "group" basis. In other words, have all members of a group receive updates for ONLY the forums they are allowed to see.