I can't understand why the "English" language file is not set to UTF-8, as is now standard with just about every other PHP script I use (Wordpress, Wikimedia, etc.). Please change this!


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That mod looks interesting, but seems to be for an older version of PunBB. Also, I hate the idea of having to mod each time I upgrade. Mods are also a pain if you use langauges other than English, since this only mods the English language files...

Regarding CVS = that could be fine, but it would be better if the passwords are different. I'll be happy to test out anything you come up with.


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One trick that might be possible with your plugin is to assign a prefix or suffix to the username of all students in the same class. Then one can add all users with that suffix to the same group... unfortunately adding students still has to be done one at a time... and if they do it themselves they might not do it right.


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I see what you are saying, but I really am more concerned about the initial phase - I want to subscribe and add to a group at the same time. I also want to be able to batch subscribe and add to a group. I get 35 students in a class and they all need to be subscribed and added to a group.

As far as batch operations are concerned - it seems that if I can do a search, say looking for everyone within a given group, or added at a certain date, I won't have such a long list to work with.

I've downloaded your mod and I'll take a look. Thanks.


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What I really need is the ability to do everything myself. I need to be able to take a list of students from each class and automatically register them and assign them to a group at the same time. I have different forums for different classes and they are all private - only students in a class can see their own forum. There currently doesn't seem to be any way to handle this easily, and it is a big pain at the start of each semester!

I think I confused things by raising the issue in this thread, as using e-mail addresses is really a mistake for what I need. For one thing, not all students use university accounts. Secondly, students in each class need to be put in different groups.

I think I've expressed myself better in this thread. Sorry about the confusion, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the beginning of the semester (which is just starting here in Taiwan.


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Yes. I Use PunBB for teaching and this is a big pain at the beginning of each semester. Also, one should be able to automatically assing members to a group upon import.

I also suggest offering the ability to perform batch operations in the user list. There should be check boxes next to each user, and the option to perform operations on all checked users, including adding them to a group.

I can't download sad


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Now that my students are starting to send me e-mails I'm realizing just how annoying the current system is. There is no way to assign them to a group at the same time as I register them for the forum. I then have to go find them in the user list and click through to admin, then add them to the group...


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Hmmm. I get a 403 Forbidden error on that link.

Thanks for doing this.

The more I think about it - some kind of pattern match on e-mail won't be enough for me since I use it for teaching and all my students have the same domain, even though they are in different courses. Let me describe two scenarios:

In the first, students e-mail me, and I have a form where I can batch register for the form and automatically assign them to a group for their class.

In the second, they register themselves, and then I have a list of all users not yet assigned to a group with check boxes. I can check each box and then assign all checked users to a given group.

Right now it is increadibly difficult to do this. I have to eather sign up the users one-by-one with the user admin plugin, or I have to search the list of users, click on a user, click on admin, assign a group, and then go back to the list and do it again for another user.

Thanks again for working on this. I'll test it out as soon as I can download it.

That is "subscribe to topic" not "subscribe to forum" there is a difference!

Anyone? I had a "subscribe to this forum" link/mod in my old PHPBB forums, but now that functionality seems to be lost in PunBB. RSS feeds aren't an option because all my forums are private and RSS feeds only work with public forums. I either need an RSS solution that will work, or some way to notify users of new topics via e-mail...



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Yes. I need something similar, or the ability to batch-add people to a single group. I can't find any such feature or plugin.