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Wow! Finally! PunBB is back!


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Oh, sorry, I didn't know about this, thank you. big_smile


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Ah, OK, because I have seen there were too many spambots lately.

But OK, thank you. big_smile


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If there is a "Moderator" position available, I would like to apply for a moderator position. The main reason I would like to apply is because, as I can see, there are too many spambots, and moderators aren't really getting online here.

I think I can be a moderator, and visit the site at least once a week.




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Sorry to bump, but... It seems PunBB's developers all have left, though I'm not sure. I would recommend people like you kudataz, to use FluxBB as it's still a PunBB branch and very similar one, the main difference being Flux in active development, whereas Pun is still in 1.4.2.

Hello, and, I wanted to ask this, first starting off by writing that it seems PunBB is now completely inactive, no responses, no new threads or replies, no news about how the project is going... Is this forum software still active? Can I trust I will not have problems with this package again? If not, I think I could migrate over FluxBB. Thank you, Ezequiel.

Sorry for bumping this topic, but according to the "Forum Software Reviews" website, PunBB is suitable for "medium" communities, it can be up to just 10,000/100,000 members, and the same number for posting messages. It's a little limited, because when that certain number is reached, the forum starts getting errors/bugs, and users need to touch complex code without even having knowledge of technical things, excluding those with knowledge in that kind of things. A good forum wih problems is THIS ONE using PunBB: http://forum.youhosting.com/ Also the blue colour doesn't fit at all with the "Oxygen" style, it can be much better in my opinion.

It works fine for me.

Well, I translated three extentions to Spanish. The pun_pm extention, the pun_poll extention, and the pun_stop_bots extention, If you have any problems with the language, please report the error, and I will fix it.


http://www.mediafire.com/download/djmxd … Part+1.rar

This is the part one (1) of the translated extentions, I'm going to work the translations of other extentions like the pun_BBCode, pun_attachments, etc.

Also I did not use the "Google Translator" So, sorry If for my bad English. I used the PunTranslator tool, so thanks to zaver for the hard work creating the PunTranslator tool.

Also, If the link is broken, tell me of it, and I will fix it.


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This looks good, anyway, good luck with it.


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Great work! thanks for create it.


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Ok, thanks, it´s like work with FluxBB but only are the styles, the software is punBB.


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The other styles of punBB who are for download in the main page of punBB, my question was, why this download styles are looks like FluxBB?


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In some moments in the admin panel, I obtain the error saying:``MySQL reported:too many connections``

Database type:MySQL Improved.


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In all the styles of PunBB, the extra styles looks like FluxBB, except the Oxygen style. Why?????


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Yes,I´m working in a traduccion for some of the extensions.


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To the extensions like the polls,PM,attachments,etc. ¿Is there a traduccion for the extensions?


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Hi there! this is a colour post test!

Thanks for read!


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Green,or red for the Oxygen Style.


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I can change the colour layout of my forum? only the color.

And how I can change that files? sorry,I´m a novice in things like this.


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Is possible,the subforums in PunBB?

I install PunBB 1.4.2,and I add the Spanish language pack 1.3.6 version,when I test the forum,the Spanish language pack 1.3.6 was compatible with the 1.4.2 PunBB version. If this ok?